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Dick Marty

Audrey Tilve, Euronews: “Dick Marty, you are a man with a reputation for shocking revelations . First there were secret CIA prisons in 2006. Today its this report on the Kosovo Liberation Army which has been endorsed by the Council of Europe. That’s just the first stage..what happens next?”

Dick Marty:“The Council of Europe’s Assembly has given an extremely clear message and with a majority that nobody could have foreseen. The political authorities responsible for the region and the competent judicial authorities must act now.

The report has been taken seriously, including by the U.S. authorities which have said very clearly that the relevant institutions with effective power in the region must follow up these recommendations.

This about getting justice; true justice which is not handed out to the small-time criminals but to those who have committed crimes on a large scale.

We need to protect not only the witnesses up until the start of the inquiry but also afterwards.”

Euronews:“Mr Marty, you’ve described Hashim Thaci as a Mafia godfather – Do you have any proof of that?”

Dick Marty:“Mr Thachi has been cited by numerous police and intelligence reports of this kind.”

Euronews: “These have often been classified as confidential, notably those by the intelligence services.You mention them in your report, but what irrefutable proof is there? He’s also just won the elections, he will certainly stay in power in Kosovo.”

Dick Marty: “It’s been 15 years since his name started to appear in all kinds of reports: police, intellgence files, but also criminal research. We have to ask why until now there has never been a proper investigation, we’ve given him the benefit of the doubt. As well as the legal and criminal aspects, there is also a political dimension to all this.When one takes on political commitments, one should not be continually overshadowed by such doubts without being obliged to clarify what happened.”

Euronews:“The organ trafficking you cite mostly took place on Albanians territory. Is Albania cooperating? If not, what can be done?”

Dick Marty:“There needs to be the political will to see the truth come out. The danger is that there is the investigation would be a whitewash and reveal nothing. That’s the risk.”

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