Sunday, 29 April 2012
Voting in Ferizaj, a summary of the day

Photo: PDK
21:20 – INPO and D4D that drew the first reuzltatet prelimintare. According to the organizations, the candidates go ballotazh PDK and LDK, Sunrise Ali and

Results: 40% PDK, LDK 24%, self-determination 16%, 10% AAK.

This is the result of over 90% of the votes counted.

PDK announces its victory in Ferizaj

21:00 – PDK candidate for mayor of Ferizaj, Sunrise Ali announced his party’s victory in this city. He said that victory at risk PDK great and will soon be made public concrete results.
CEC: 31.07% voted in Ferizaj

20:31 – The fourth press conference held at 20.00, the Central Election Commission reported the final data release of the citizens to vote until 19:00, a time when polling stations closed. President of the CEC, Valdete Dhaka said that, according to the Municipal Election Commission Ferizaj, exit polls have 29,660 voters, or 31.07%.

“The results come from the pilot project” K-vote “, which the CEC has used in this election, voter turnout was 29,190, or 30.55%. According to the MEC in Ferizaj, there has been no serious problems which would damage the image of this election. They are considered the issues raised during the day, were treated by the CEC, and then have been avoided, “he said in a press conference, President Dhaka, which he thanked the citizens of Gjilan,

Political parties and the Kosovo Police for the progress of this process.
Conference next CEC, held at 21:00 in which the conference will come up with preliminary results.

At 19:00 pm, closed voting

19:11 – With minor irregularities, the appeal of political parties has completed the voting process in Ferizaj. At 20 o’clock, the CEC announced the conference pack and preilimintar outcome of voting will be learned within a few hours.

Indeksonline will report the results step by step

INPO & D4D: Up to 17h, 23% voted

18:45 – According to INPO & D4D organizations, some 22,000 regular voters have come to the polls until 17:00 (23% of the electoral body) and provided about 350 voters voted (1.6%). The highest turnout was 35% of voters and the lowest 9%. In city areas, the average output was 165 (21.5%) voters, and in areas outside the city 191 (24.7%).

“Elections have generally continued in a calm and there were no serious incidents. However, during the hours that we let before, are verejtuar some violation at some polling stations,” in a komiunikatë.

Further, organizations have listed a small number of irregularities, but that does not disrupt the voting process in Ferizaj.

PS: PDK pressure, is holding polls

16:43 – ment has alerted Ferizaj voting irregularities. In a press release said that the school “Ahmet Hoxha” all day long stayed two civilians, advising citizens to vote for number 26. “One of the civilians called Agron Salihu (Commander nickname” Bird “), originating from Talinoci. Was reported by a citizen at the offices of the Movement for SELF-DETERMINATION! In Ferizaj” said the communique

Also pictured center is a compact Neredime poster candidate with the PDK. “In school” Tawfiq Çanga “from 15:12 am, DCP observer Fahredin Beqiri issued as a phone ringtone speech Hashim Thaci, and Besart Abbas (VETËVENDOSJE observer!) did not leave to write this book claims, Adrian Husayn AKR, “says PS.

CEC: The process of peaceful

16:35 – The third press conference held at 16.00, the Central Election Commission reported details of the voting, to end at 15:30. President of the CEC, said Valdete Dhaka, 18,655 voters or citizens of Ferizaj 19:54%, have come to the polls.

“So far, the pilot project” K-vote “, which the CEC is used in this election, and worked well under this project, to 15.00, voted 18:54%, or 17,700 voters voting. While the report which we received from the Municipal Election Commission in Ferizaj, some issues raised in the meantime been addressed by the CEC, and we got confirmation that these issues have already been remedied. So far, there have been no incident that would undermine the image of the electoral process “, said in a press conference, President Dhaka.

AAK tearing up posters condemning the Ferati

16:12 – Election Headquarters in Ferizaj AAK, tearing up posters condemning the AAK’s candidate for mayor of Gjilan, Naim Ferati Pleshina village.
“SHZ AAK also speculation that today demanton posters were placed Ferati candidate in the polling station in Pleshinë. posters have been there since the election campaign. SHZ AAK appealed to all political taborret not to create tension, not to incite incidents tend to break up the peaceful atmosphere and democratic elections today in Ferizaj “the statement said.

DV: 98 cases of family voting

15:14 – Democracy in Action reports that the voting process in Ferizaj is going well without any significant incident. Not systematically reported irregularities regarding the technical aspect. According to DV, the village of Zaskok, 2525D polling station there was a disagreement between the commissioners, where he had continued to vote for several minutes.

Also reported the presence of authorized persons at the polls, around 98 cases of family voting. There are also cases fotogrqafimit vote.Somewhere it is said that the police intervened to remove a person that blocked the vote.

According to Democracy in Action, at 13:00, 12 738 voters have voted, or about 13 percent.

LDK: DCP are blasting the vote

13:04 – Ferizaj LDK complained of irregularities. In a press release, is knowing that people PDK up the pressure on voters to vote in favor of Thaci’s party.

“According to information from the field, at the polling station in the village Softaj an observer of the PDK, which has been condemned by the municipality of Ferizaj, due to manipulation in past elections, is equipped with PDK-badges , being introduced not sending observer of this party in the voting center. relevant sector of the election headquarters of the LDK branch in Ferizaj, has made a complaint to the MEC, and the insistence of our observers and commissioners, in the center of voting, Kosovo police intervened to remove the person in question from this voting center “reads the statement.

Similarly, problems LDK has listed the fact that voters were not given adequate information for voting on the MS “Parliament of World Vision,” then to the PC “John Serreqi” etc..

“In Komugllavë village, in the voting center of this village, the entrance to the school, the PDK aktvistët have placed a placard that says” VOTE DCP “” said the communique further.

CEC: Low Participation

12:56 – The second press conference held at 12.00, the Central Election Commission has reported a lower percentage of citizen participation compared to previous elections.

“Please note also that the pilot project” K-vote “, which the CEC is used in this electoral process is fully functioning, he is nxjerrrë this result: up at 11.00, or 8.3% have voted , 7924 voters. From the report which we received from the Municipal Election Commission in Ferizaj, up to this moment no problems which would damage the image of this extraordinary election process, “said the conference chairwoman Dhaka.

CEC has provided two phone numbers to set up their concerns: 038. 211-152 and 038. 200 23 254

Ferizaji votes

09:17 – Ferizaj citizens vote today to choose the first city in the middle of the eight candidates, six of whom come from political parties, one is from Citizen Initiatives and one independent candidate.

The Central Election Commission says that everything is ready for extraordinary elections, held after the resignation of president so far, Bajrush Xhemajli, who was convicted as the cause of an accident in May 2009-es in which a life lost and some other person was injured.

President of the CEC, Valdete Dhaka, told Radio Free Europe that all preparations have been completed on time, so that all centers and polling stations opened at 7 o’clock in the morning and close at 19:00.

“All the preparations, as provided by law for local elections are conducted by the CEC. There are 25 polling stations, while 124 polling stations with a total of 95,449 voters, as contained in the voting list. Our expectations are that probably will not change the voter turnout compared to previous elections, “announces Dhaka.

President of the CEC, also tell observation that these elections are 1514 certified observers, of whom only 6 are international, while others belong to political parties and nongovernmental organizations.

Eight candidates intending to take charge of the city of Sunrise Ferizaj Ali (DCP), Adam Saleh (LDK-LDD), Hassan Ramadan (AKR), Naim Ferati (AAK), Faton Topalli (PS), Bujar Adam (AM) Ramadan Emini (United Movement) and Rahim Sadiq, as an independent.


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