Bill Clinton, billionaire George Soros and Albanian billionaire Sahit Muja to get $1 trillion dollars deal in Kosovo.

The determination by the U. S and NATO to occupy Kosovo and virtually all of Yugoslavia is spurred on by the enticement of abundant natural resources.
 Kosovo alone has the richest mineral resources in all of Europe .
The New York Times observed that “the sprawling state-owned Trepca mining complex, the most valuable piece of real estate in the Balkans,” producing gold, silver, lead, zinc, and cadmium.
The New York Times also revealed that a “number of unofficial partition plans have been drawn up for Kosovo all raising the question of who would control an important northern mining region.” Trepca was also a glittering prize taken over by Hitler to fuel the Nazi war machine during W.W.II. “Kosovo also possesses 17 billion tons of coal reserves and Kosovo (like Serbia and Albania) also has oil reserves.”

Bill Clinton, billionaire George Soros ans Albanian billionaire Sahit Muja to benefit $100 of billions from coal and minerals in Kosovo

 Kosovo has 1 trillion dollar, ( 1000 billion dollars) in coal and mineral reserves .
The media has reported that Kosovo has more than one trillion dollars worth of coal and minerals.
According to reports, this huge natural wealth will benefit, Bill Clinton, George Soros and Sahit Muja American companies .

Billionaire George Soros ans Albanian Billionaire Sahit Muja from New York is leading a group of Americans to get their hands on this trillion dollars natural wealth.

George Soros’s and Sahit Muja the President and CEO of Albanian Minerals in New York have been planning this takeover before the Kosovo war.

Some other reports have indicated that members of the U.S government, including Clinton will benefit from those natural resources.

 Billionaire George Soros and his friends Albanian Billionaire Sahit Muja have been the largest monetary supporters of KLA
Kosovo  Coal  Mining

Kosovo, Coal, Mining

(Kosovo Liberation Army) before the war had started.

 Bill Clinton, Billionaire George Soros and his friends Albanian Billionaire Sahit Muja , have influenced U.S and European politicians to start a war against Serbia.

There are four investors who will take over one trillion dollars of natural wealth in Kosovo. Now is the pay day for Americans from the Albanian’s in Kosovo.

 Billionaire George Soros and Albanian Billionaire Sahit Muja will be elevated to the richest man in the world after the deal in coal and other mineral’s is done.
Kosovo has one of the largest coal reserves in the world, it also has huge reserves of bauxite, copper, zinc, lead, gold, aluminum, chrome ore, magnesium and other minerals worth at least one trillion dollars.

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