While the people in Kosovo are unemployed or earning 200 euros a month, Thaçi’s PM office is paying Washington based Patton Boggs $50,000 a month to lobby to get MacDonalds to come to Kosovo.


How long will Kosovo have to endure this man wastefully handing out Kosovo money to the USA. MacDonald’s are a franchise and can be opened anywhere if you you have a million to open a branch. So why is the PM’s office paying out this money to Patton Boggs to lobby MacDonald. Why on earth would anyone want a MacDonalds in Kosovo anyway. They are filled with chemicals which cause obesity and the burgers that are on sale in Kosovo are much more superior and healthier.

It just goes to show how Thaçi who is one of the richest men in Kosovo, has gone from leader of KLA to leader of country, he seems to have amassed a vast empire is just twelve years. A politician should not have any business interests, because that is corruption in a democratic world.

Thaçi’s Love Affair with the US

Kosovo’s government discreetly engaged the services of Patton Boggs last August, having been forced to cancel an identical agreement with the firm in the previous year as it had broken public procurement laws.

Although the deal with the company was apparently signed on August 31st 2011, it has never been published by the government.

Frank Wisner, Patton Boggs foreign affairs advisor, had met Thaçi in the US shortly before  the first deal was signed.

According to a press release issued by the PM’s office, they discussed “current political developments in Kosovo and the achievements up to now of Kosovo’s institutions”.

Wisner is an old Kosovo hand. The former US Secretary of State under George Bush, Condolezza Rice, appointed him as the US’s special representative to the Kosovo Status Talks in 2005. Wisner played a crucial role in negotiating Kosovo’s Independence. (Sounds like another one after their pound of flesh for helping Kosovo.)

In September 2010 the government then voted to employ Patton Boggs for 50,000 dollars a month (38,000 euros).

The cabinet was forced to cancel the decision in November after BIRN revealed that the move appeared to break Kosovo’s law on public procurement.

This was because the cabinet had simply selected Patton Boggs rather than allowing a competitive bidding process to take place. The cabinet had also not justified itself to the Public Procurement Agency as  to why it went ahead with a single source tender.

Government officials later said they annulled the deal on legal advice but denied having broken procurement rules.

The Foreign Ministry said it had awarded the second contract with out tender in coordination with the Procurement Agency, but had asked for the deal to be kept secret.

Thaçi’s government signed up its second Washington-based lobbyist in less than a year, also at a cost of 50,000 dollars a month in March this year.

According to the agreement, which has been published by the US Justice Department, Podester Group was brought in to “Research and analyze issues of concern to the principle (Kosovo).”

The contract also outlines how Podesta will “counsel the principal on US policies of concern, activities in Congress and the Executive branch officials, members of the press and non governmental organisations”.

Podesta Group’s head, Tony Podesta, is the brother of John Podesta, who is Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff at the time of the Kosovo conflict.

The Podesta brothers originally set up a firm, then called Podesta Associates. John now chairs the Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank in Washington.

Every time that Thaçi visits the USA he hands over more of Kosovo’s money as payback. It is strange that it is just the USA that are making all this money out of Kosovo. You don’t see it from Britain or any of the other EU countries who were also here during the war to help Kosovo.

At about the same time this was going on another Politician Ramadan Hasani from the Department  of Economic Development was in the US doing his own deals on behalf of his ministry, without any authorisation. These outwardly corrupt politicians have to go, as they have no interest in their country or their people just lining their own pockets with as much money as they can while they are in office.

Ramadan Hasani

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