The fighting between government forces and terrorists in Syria resulted in killing an Albanian from Kosovo. Naman Demoli, a former member of the KLA went to Syria to fight against the regime of President Bashar al-Assad, in behalf of CIA and Wahhabists.

In Australia, the Australian Federal Police have warned that anyone who travels to Syria to fight with the opposition will be arrested on their return to Australia. In the UK terrorists who took time off work to go and fight with the opposition in Syria were arrested on their return to London and are awaiting terrorist charges. Yet in Kosovo we are seeing more and more terrorists traveling to Syria to fight alongside these terrorist butchers, that are kidnapping, killing and mutilating the bodies of innocent people, usually on their way or from work. Demanding hundreds of thousands of dollars for the return of the head. Why are so many Kosovars getting involved with these people? Kosovo is getting the reputation as a country of terrorists, because of stories like this.

Naman Demoli, a male from Pristina has been killed in the fighting between government forces and rebels in Syria, and he fought on the side of the opposition forces, Kosovo media reported today. Demo is the first mercenary volunteer from the Balkans killed in one of the conflicts in the Middle East and North Africa.

“Naman Demoli from Pristina was the first Albanian from Kosovo who was killed in the fightings in Syria. He went there to fight against the regime of President Bashar al-Assad. Demo was killed last Wednesday, and his family lheard about it on Saturday. He was a member of the KLA and fanatical activists of the extreme ‘Join’ movement,” the Pristina “Express” reports.

The magazine said that Demoli was a member of the KLA since 1999. years and that he was wounded during the conflict in Kosovo.

The media does not specify whether Demo was a single Albanian involved in conflict in Syria.

Naman Demoli was one of the leading activists in Kosovo to build a large Wahhabi mosque in Pristina.

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