Activists of Lëvizja VETËVENDOSJE! (Self-Determination Movement) have protested today, starting at 12:00, in front of European External Action Service Building, home to Baroness Catherine Ashton’s office, against the meeting between Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaçi and Serbia’s Prime Minister Ivica Dacic, planned for Thursday January 17th, 2013.


Activists sent a letter to Lady Ashton where they explained the reasons for opposing these meetings and the dialogue.  In this protest they were joined by Mr. Afrim Hoti, an MP of VETËVENDOSJE! in the Assembly of Republic of Kosova. The following are the slogans that were written in banners held by protesters:


·         No negotiations with Milosevic’s spokesman!,

·         No negotiations without returning our missing!,

·         No negotiations without Kosovo’s recognition by Serbia!,

·         Serbia to apologize for its crimes in Kosovo!,

·         In the name of who? 38% voter fraud. NO LEGITIMACY.

Meanwhile one of these banners was given as a present to Mr. Hashim Thaçi before he entered the meeting. The banner read: NO NEGOTIATIONS, SELF-DETERMINATION!

. . .

We, citizens of Kosova together with activists of Lëvizja VETËVENDOSJE! from our centers in Europe, have decided to protest to express our concerns with the damaging extent of the dialogue which is called “normalizing relations with Serbia”.

European Union representatives, and other participants in the dialogue, including Hashim Thaçi need to understand that not just citizens who live in Kosova, but also we, Albanians of the Diaspora, are very disturbed by the damage being done to our homeland, in these talks.

We view this dialogue as damaging for Kosova, to its sovereignty, to its state territorial integrity, to its internal peace and development prospects. We are convinced and we would like to clarify for international opinion that no normalization is possible between Serbia and Kosova, without first Serbia recognizing Kosova. If Serbia does not recognize Kosova, as is the current situation, the result of this dialogue will not be normalizing relations between two countries, but only normalizing the hegemonic aspirations of Serbia.

But, Kosova should be a topic of discussion and decision-making between the people of Kosova and only in Kosova.

This dialogue is being imposed by three parties who do not care if the people of Kosova approve of what is being discussed. These problematic participants are Ivica Dacic and Baroness Catherine Ashton, and also Hashim Thaçi. Dacic continues Serbia’s line toward Kosova and is trying to protect the regime of his former chief, Milosevic who lost in a bloody war. Ashton views this issue from a fictive distance between the murderer and victim, refusing to understand that this position can produce similar problems, perhaps even greater than that in Bosnia and Hercegovina, a country which is now known for its problems and dysfunctionality. Meanwhile, Hashim Thaçi is in these discussions just to maintain his own power, which is being daily undermined by corrupt affairs being published in the media in his country. In exchange for a guarantee to retain power, he is participating in a dialogue negotiating about Kosova, as if it is his property.

In these negotiations, parties which share something are negotiating, their goal being to privatize Kosova, to turn it from a public issue belonging to its sovereign and legitimate people, to a question of illegitimate and unethical meetings and agreements.

This meeting is occurring between representatives of Serbia, which occupy part of our territory and representatives of the Kosova Government, who stole our elections in order to steal from our budget, who have stolen our public enterprises in order to sell them on the cheap, stealing once again in this case. So that this theft is not punished, this Government needs to stay in power. To remain in power it must listen to the investigator, who in this case, coincidently turns out to be the mediator of negotiations, the European Union. Thus, in order not to be prosecuted, negotiations must continue.  Indeed, even greater concessions must be made in Brussels, at the cost of the people, perhaps another tender or privatization. Concessions and corruption produce and condition one another. They share in common: expropriation, stealing and looting from the people. Ivica Dacic and Hashim Thaçi are united in their efforts to steal from the Republic of Kosova. The first seeks territory and the second seeks Kosova’s public enterprises and budget. Any disagreement that might occur between them is a disagreement which derives from the impossibility of sharing out what is being stolen.

Out of this entire process, those who will suffer the most are the people of Kosova. They will have to deal with all the consequences. With his servility, Hashim Thaçi is nourishing the chauvinism of Dacic, and bringing more poverty and misery to Kosova, with the support of some of the international community as compensation for his “constructiveness” in dialogue.

The Kosova people are the condition and possibility of negotiations. They are the only subject that can break this repetitive cycle. Kosova’s people are the denied that must deny negotiations; they are those who are not considered, yet they can overturn decisions made without them.

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