Implementation of Albanian prisoners streets of Belgrade 1912th

Twenty-ninth day of November 2012th Today marks the full one hundred years since the founding of the Kingdom of Serbia Dračkog districts. This date in Serbia will be glorified. Serbian historiography has tried to “backward” this Albanian adventure Pasic’s government, while the Serbian history textbooks remained uninformed about it – as well as generations of citizens of Serbia, which in those textbooks to learn about his past.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, the Ottoman Empire, pressed its own crisis and a number of separatist movements, has approved the request of the Albanian tribes to establish a separate Albanian Vilayet within the Empire. For Serbia, Montenegro and Greece, which have had serious plans of conquest under this part of European Turkey, this was a call for alarm. The First Balkan War, which these days in Serbia, celebrating with great pride, he was nothing but a war of conquest and imperial pretensions term Balkan states.

According to the testimony of some educated Serbian soldiers in this campaign, especially Dimitri Tucovića and Kosta Novakovic, Serbia has shown brutality of the invading forces. Not spared Albanian civilians and rebels, as well behaved towards their own soldiers who are malnourished, ill-equipped and jaded sent to the rugged northern Albania. Thousands of Serbian soldiers are there left their bones without firing a shot.

Those who in turn fired a shot or hauls Kama withdrew one of the bloodiest and most shameful pages of modern Serbian history. In the beginning of the war there was a large Albanian resistance. But as the Serbian army advanced, first in Kosovo and then in Albania, many crimes and atrocities that were carried out before all perishing troops, provoking a rebellion of Albanians. Serbian Army has introduced the principle of harsh reprisals, which reminds us of the Nazi regime in retaliation Serbia in 1940’s: one killed Serbian soldiers were carried out massacres against the civilian population by the neighboring villages.

Among the greatest crimes committed by the Serbian army in 1912. The massacre is the Albanian civilian population in the woods. General Bozidar Jankovic (the same one in which the position of the Macedonian border in its name – DJeneral Jankovic), they all realize that the population of the forest resists further occupation of Albania and the Serbian army advancing towards the sea, declared that the Albanians “odrodom human” and ordered a fierce retaliation. Serbian army massacred civilians (including women, children, the elderly and the sick) and burnt 27 villages . According to the reports of the International Commission on the Balkans wars, here were expressed particular cruelty crimes, including the burning of women and children living with docked haystack, and in front of their husbands and fathers . After that, 400 men voluntarily surrendered to Serbian authorities, but they were taken to Prizren and there executed . Crime in the woods was repeated in September 1913, at the end of the “Albanian adventure.” Although the London Conference was decided that The forest belong to Albania, the Serbian army had not withdrawn from it. “For two hours, the village was potamanjeno the scene that is hard to say. Gun salute as poobarali women who were holding babies in their arms, next to the dead mothers Dralle have their Decic who happened to be spared Kuršumli: body as lean cuisine, Fine gorštakinja cern are like worms on a field, women gave birth to fear. For two hours potamanjeno is 500 souls, ” says Tucovic . The report of the International Commission finds the following: “I do not dare to say more, but I can say that The forest (Albanian areas near the eponymous river) no longer exists. There is nothing but corpses, dust and ashes. There are villages of 100, 150, 200 houses, where there is no more of a man, literally no one. We collect them in heaps of 40-50, and pierces bayonets until the end. Robbery on all sides. The officer told the soldiers to go to Prizren and sell things that are stolen “. [1]

After the massacre in the woods in 1912, the Serbian army was “in the same style,” continued penetration to central Albania and its main goal – the Adriatic Sea. On 29 November 1912, winning the northern and central Albania, Kingdom of Serbia declared the establishment Dračkog district and its annexation to Serbia. This district is comprised of four districts: Durres, Cadaver, Elbasan and Tirana. They immediately set up all administrative bodies in the district. On his head was John Smith, Mayor and the District center, the city of Durres, was Peter Đurašković. After the initial enthusiasm Orthodox stranovništva this area (primarily Greek and Albanian Christians), despotic government system Serbian authorities, arrogance, forcibly collecting taxes from the impoverished population, as well as brutal reprisals provoked backlash and resistance of the entire population. Regardless of ethnicity and religion.

However, the decision of the Great Powers, Serbia was soon forced to leave Albania. In April 1913th year Dradki district ceases to exist, and the Serbian army ships transferred to Thessaloniki, where he returns back to Serbia. In the half year of his stay in Albania, the Serbian government Sown only fear, robbery and death. And what would later, in these 100 years, is particularly welcome – mistrust and hatred between the Serbian and Albanian people. According to the recollections Kosta Novakovic, leaving Durres, it is like condensed one Serbian officer: “We are what Arnauts as we were Turks. A question of time when it will be forgotten in our actions; issue is our national policy that you will be able to accelerate this oblivion. We now Turks are not so hateful as a break, but it was 500 years while the historical injustice repaired. Should strive not to be necessary so long that we forget Arnauts as enemies. ”

This episode in the history of Serbia is completely expelled from Serbian history textbooks. She was driven from the collective memory. And here are a few reasons. The first is certainly the fact that the raid Serbia definitely lost its aura of “liberators” – a country that has never attacked, but always defended. Second, in order to maintain the sanctity of soldiers 1915th crossed the Albanian mountains, and which, for reasons unknown, primitive instincts, attacking the “wild Albanian tribes.” When they knew that they were attacked by those who two years ago survived the massacre of the same army, our view of the First World War would have been different. And thirdly, when they were known as the Albanian lives were destroyed due to an imperialist campaign, is that we can continue to build the myth of the “Serbian Kosovo martyrs” and the Kosovo battle. We are bone of Serbian victims buried bones Albanian civilians. And about a hundred years, but in Serbia is silent.
Aleksandar Obradovic, a political analyst in Belgrade.

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