The idea of ​​partitioning Kosovo has been embedded in the minds of Serbian nationalists in all conferences and meetings for Kosovo, from Rambouillet to the present day.

kali-i-trojes-serbeBut the Serbs have never had to make public such an idea. Why? Because the party that comes up with the idea of ​​partitioning Kosovo, itself proves that it (Kosovo) is not.

After the departure of Serbian colonial forces from Kosovo in 1999 and the declaration of its independence, Belgrade finally realized that Kosovo is lost forever. Consequently, sharing her ideas began to assert more and more often and always open.

Former Serbian President Boris Tadic often repeat its refrain: “It is good that one party should fulfill all the requirements, and the other thing. It is not good that one party should take all, and the other remains empty handed. ” This sentence B. Tadic was straightforward proposal for partition of Kosovo. Finally, one of the Serbian government ministers – Ivica Dacic (now prime minister), sometimes publicly made Belgrade’s request for partition of Kosovo. Sentence: And we need to draw something from Kosovo Serbs has become the stuff of T. Nikolic and I. Dacic. They assume that historical territories inhabited by ethnic and indigenous peoples, are placed into the commodity market.

It should be added that Serbs also featured another idea: partition of Kosovo talks take place between Albania and Serbia.

Given that require the separation of Kosovo Serbs, by itself it proves that Kosovo is not. Can derive only auction that is not of thy merchandise.

Until today, when it came to Kosovo, the Serbian authorities referoheshinKushtetutës of Serbia, under which Kosovo You’re part of us.

As today, the Serbian ministers, including the head of the government, come out publicly with the idea of ​​partitioning Kosovo, the question remains: what happened to him to the Serbian Constitution, according to which Kosovo is part of Serbia?!

In other words, the Serbs, the need to keep under rule Serb territories, refer to their constitution, and vice versa: When he goes in favor of something else, then not at all reluctant to violate its own constitution.


The EU must take into account the fact that Kosovo, like any other country of the continent except the majority constituent, there are also some ethnic minorities. It turns out that the special treatment of the Serb minority in Kosovo, it would be contrary to Western principles on minorities. Secession of a part of Kosovo, would create an almost ethnically pure Kosovo, which would be contrary to European standards on minorities.

The EU must take into account the fact that the Serbian minority in some of the ex-Yugoslav republics, are not the only ones who live outside the mother country – Serbia.

Albanians living in the six countries of the region: Albania, in Kosovo, in eastern Kosovo (Presevo, Bujanovac, Medvedja), Macedonia, Montenegro and Greece.

If the northern Kosovo Serbs seeking to secede from Kosovo to join Serbia, then the same will require:

-Eastern Kosovo Albanians;

– Albanians in Macedonia;

– Albanians in Montenegro;

– Albanians in Greece.

Partition of Kosovo will determinonte the division of Macedonia between Albania and Bulgaria. In other words, it will dissolve and bubble will disappear from the geographical and political maps of the Balkans.

However, Serbia broke hardly care about the possible consequences of the amputation of part of Kosovo. Belgrade wants trouble and mess. Johistorike ideologies feed off evil.

As can be seen, the partition of Kosovo would çelej Pandora’s Box and will be produced dominos effect. Dominos effect would include all countries in the region, because everywhere there are minorities, ethnic groups and minorities.

National minority in every country of the peninsula: Turks in Bulgaria; Hungarians in Romania, in Vojvodina (Serbia), Slovakia, Croatia; Bosnian Muslims – in Sandzak of Serbia and Montenegro; sllavofon ethnic groups – in Greece ; Croatian – Bosnia and Herzegovina and Vojvodina; Serbs – in Croatia and the Serbian Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In 1920, Hungary lost two thirds of its territory, and today, one third of the Hungarian nation living abroad home – Hungary.

In every country in the region has also: Roma, Vlachs (aromunë, cincarë), Jews, Egyptians, an ethnic group with Islamic religion, which speaks in Slavic languages ​​(different places appear with different names).

According to the British, in Turkey there are over fourteen million Kurds.

Serbs want the privilege of joining the mother country to meet them alone and no one else in the region. In this regard, the EU should not fondle Serbia.

What it wants, Serbia prohibits ethnic communities living under its rule. For example, prohibits secession:

-Eastern Kosovo Albanians (Presevo, Bujanovac, Medvedja);

– Sandzak Muslims;

– Vojvodina Hungarians;

– Bulgarians, in southeastern Serbia.

Sandzak is a region managed by Serbia. According to the 2003 census, carried out by Belgrade, where live about 235,000 people. Thereof, 134.000boshnjakë (Muslims) who constitute 56% of the total population; 8000myslimanë, representing 4% of the population, and 89,000 Serbs, who make up 37% of the population. The total number of Bosniaks (Muslims) and those who are declared Muslims (nationality) is 142,000, which represents 60% of the region of Sandzak. These data on the Serbian Sandzak’s population structure does not match the reality. In other words, the percentage of non-Serb population in this region is greater.

Vojvodina is a region dominated by Serbia. Live 26 minorities, including Hungarians. According to the census conducted by Belgrade in 2011, in Vojvodina live over 251 thousand Hungarians, who make up 13% of the total population of the province. Since 1945 until today, Serbia to Vojvodina Hungarians has followed the policy of denationalization. Tended by Serbian and Montenegrin settlers, to change the ethnic structure of the province’s population. Consequently, the number of Hungarians in Vojvodina is much greater than that which results from the official records of Belgrade.

In late 1944 and early 1945, many Hungarians of Vojvodina, Serbian oppression, were forced to leave their homes, while many others, under the charge of having been collaborators of the German army – were executed.

The expulsion of Germans from Vojvodina Danube – Before World War II in Vojvodina there were 350,000 Germans called Danube Germans. Their real number was much larger. In the period October 1944 – May 1945, known as Bloody autumn, under the charge of having been collaborators of the German army, Serbia conducted ethnic cleansing in Vojvodina, expelled from this region over 250 thousand German civilians. They were forced to leave with the pull of the German army. Against ethnic Germans in Vojvodina, Serbs exercised reprisal, he received citizenship, confiscated properties. Their homes set column Serbs, Montenegrins and Macedonians. The data show that in the years 1944-1945, in Jugodllavi, mainly in Vojvodina, Serbs killed 56,000 German civilians. Serbian prisons, sipërthënë period have died from starvation, from disease to death 48,447 German civilians. Vojvodina Germans, Serbs handed over the Soviet Red Army, who were immediately deported to Siberia, where prisoners worked in minefields. None of them returned alive.

The same drama have experienced thousands of Vojvodina Hungarians.

Germans expelled Danube, executed, leaving death, notorious prisons and delivering the Soviets (Russians) to be deported to Siberia, Serbs fail to change the ethnic composition of Vojvodina.

None of the non-Serb ethnic communities living under Serbian, Kosovo sishqiptarët East, Muslims in Sandzak and Vojvodina Hungarians, do not feel Serbia as a state. Rather, they feel themselves under occupation.

Eastern Kosovo (three Albanian municipalities) and the region of Sandzak, who governed from Belgrade, are the most underdeveloped regions and most backward of Serbia. Serbia, in these two regions has never invested anything. Consequently, in these two regions dominates a high level of unemployment. To them, Belgrade implements a tacit policy of ethnic cleansing and genocide exercises. As a result of extreme economic backwardness, the inhabitants of these two regions are not at all integrated into the processes of economic, social and cultural life of Serbia. These two regions, Serbia has turned into a ghetto. The inhabitants of these two regions, see their perspective on migration: Albanians – to the West, and the Sandzak Muslims in Turkey.

Ghettoizing eastern Kosovo and Sandzak is clear mirror of Serbian national equality policy.

When the EU says that asylum seekers from Serbia and Macedonia, this means that they come, not from Serbia and Macedonia, but Presevo, Bujanovcidhe Medvedja and the Albanian regions in Macedonia. Through extreme unemployment, Belgrade and Skopje make the Presevo Valley’s ethnic cleansing and northwestern parts of Macedonia.

In addition, stifled any claims of Kosovo Albanians eastern Serbia in the region has concentrated large military force.

Serbia’s EU should impose a Ahtisaari Plan, which will be guaranteed exclusive rights in eastern Kosovo Albanians (three Albanian municipalities), Sandzak dhemyslimanëve.

On what basis Serbia wants to own what you do not get know others?! Based tëpolitikës force?! And see hypocrisy, dhelpërinë and snare! On the one hand, Belgrade, not stopped states that “matter” of northern Kosovo will approach in a peaceful way, on the other hand, peaceful approach robustly supports strength. What a paradox! Do I have to allow whether the EU such a crooked contradiction.

Belgrade seeks to detach Kosovo inhabited by 5% Serbs. Then the question arises: How will you compensate and how will justify the use of the Kosovo Serb – Albanian-inhabited areas – since the invasion in 1912 until 1999?

Political centers international setting – Washington and Brussels should make clear to Belgrade that, before the partition of Kosovo, should be separated, the decomposition and fragmentation of Serbia. The EU therefore should not keep gjallëSerbinë Kingdom, but must disclose Belgrade that Serbia dekompozimitdhe of fragmentation process garashaniniste, could start at any moment.

Serbia should be shared: Kosovo East (three Albanian municipalities), Vojvodina and Sandzak (populated by Muslims).

Serbian Politika two criteria – Serbia is among the few states in the world, if not the only, that itself requires it that I did not know the others. Serbia is the only country of the globe, which his minority outside Serbia wants him that I did not recognize Kosovo Albanians eastern Muslim Sandzak and Vojvodina Hungarians. Belgrade, for a handful of Kosovo Serbs seeking autonomy, ie. state within the state, while the eastern Kosovo Albanians towards Sandzak Muslims and Vojvodina Hungarians, follows the policy of denationalization, marginalization and ghettoisation, fueling their displacement from their historical lands.

Great Serbia and radical socialists serbomëdhenj intends to install on Kosovo, a small Serbia. Belgrade seeks autonomy for Kosovo Serbs, as a transitional stage one day, autonomous parts to detach and to join Serbia. In essence, this means the partition of Kosovo, carried out indirectly.

Kosovo East (three Albanian municipalities) is strategic area, because through it exceeds 10 corridor linking Serbia with Greece, the Aegean and the Mediterranean.

Regarding the whole land of Kosovo, unlike certain countries of Europe who are undecided, the U.S. and Germany have tough: Kosovo’s territorial integrity is inviolable.

by Xhelal Zejneli


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