After the talks in Brussels which lasted 15 hours and ended after midnight on Wednesday, Dacic told reporters that the draft document containing 15 points acceptable for the Serbian delegation was offered at the meeting.


Taci undermined the agreement on the powers for the community of Serb municipalities by bringing the matter in connection to Kosovo’s membership in international organisations, including the UN, which the Serbian delegation could not accept, Dacic said.
He noted that Taci’s interpretation, according to which Belgrade refused the agreement, is extremely unfair.

Dacic said that Pristine undermined the agreement by linking the issue of powers in northern Kosovo to a new point according to which the two sides would not interfere in one another’s membership in international organisations.
“They cannot block us anywhere, so our consent to this request would mean that we recognise Kosovo’s independence, and we will never recognise it,“ Dacic pointed out.

As he put it, Serbia is willing to resume the dialogue regardless of the fact that no agreement was reached on Wednesday, and consultations of the state leadership will continue.
“We want this issue to be resolved positively,” the Serbian prime minister said, adding that the Serbian government is willing to include NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen in the talks on the presence of a future Kosovo army in northern Kosovo.

Dacic also said that the talks were difficult and thanked EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton for her proposals which are “much more acceptable than in the previous stages,” adding that there has been significant convergence of the two parties’ views on many issues.
“It is obvious that Pristina is not ready to go all the way and it is obstructing the talks and even threatening to resolve the issue of the north by some other methods, expecting us to react with anxiety and opposition. Of course, it is important to listen to reason and try to reach a solution in the next few days,” said Dacic.

He said that the Serbian delegation did not go to Brussels to obstruct the talks, but rather to find a solution, “making huge, uneasy and painful compromises” and blamed Pristina of “threatening the whole deal by insistence on petty details.”

The Serbian prime minister said that it is possible for a breakthrough to be made in the next few days and reiterated that Serbia is committed to finding a solution.
“We are not seeking the impossible, and we have a very serious approach to these talks, not just because of a date for (the start of) the talks on the accession to the European Union, but also because of the people who live in Kosovo-Metohija,” Dacic said, stressing that Belgrade is seeking a solution acceptable to both sides.


First Agreement of Principles Governing the Normalization of Relations1. There will be an Association/Community of Serb majority municipalities in Kosovo. Membership will be open to any other municipality provided the members are in agreement.

2. The Community/Association will be created by statute. Its dissolution shall only take place by a decision of the participating municipalities. Legal guarantees will be provided by applicable law and constitutional law (including the 2/3 majority rule).

3. The structures of the Association/Community will be established on the same basis as the existing statute of the Association of Kosovo municipalities e.g. President, vice President, Assembly, Council.

4. In accordance with the competences given by the European Charter of Local Self Government and Kosovo law the participating municipalities shall be entitled to cooperate in exercising their powers through the Community/Association collectively. The Association/Community will have full overview of the areas of economic development, education, health, urban and rural planning.

5. The Association/Community will exercise other additional competences as may be delegated by the central authorities.

6. The Community/Association shall have a representative role to the central authorities and will have a seat in the communities’ consultative council for this purpose. In the pursuit of this role a monitoring function is envisaged.

7. There shall be one police force in Kosovo called the Kosovo Police. All police in northern Kosovo shall be integrated in the Kosovo Police framework. Salaries will be only from the KP.

8. Members of other Serbian security structures will be offered a place in equivalent Kosovo structures.

9. There shall be a Police Regional Commander for the four northern Serb majority municipalities (Northern Mitrovica, Zvecan, Zubin Potok and Leposavic). The Commander of this region shall be a Kosovo Serb nominated by the Ministry of Interior from a list provided by the four mayors on behalf of the Community/Association. The composition of the KP in the north will reflect the ethnic composition of the population of the four municipalities. (There will be another Regional Commander for the municipalities of Mitrovica South, Skenderaj and Vushtrri). The regional commander of the four northern municipalities will cooperate with other regional commanders.

10. The judicial authorities will be integrated and operate within the Kosovo legal framework. The Appellate Court in Pristina will establish a panel composed of a majority of K/S judges to deal with all Kosovo Serb majority municipalities.

11. A division of this Appellate Court, composed both by administrative staff and judges will sit permanently in northern Mitrovica (Mitrovica District Court). Each panel of the above division will be composed by a majority of K/S judges. Appropriate judges will sit dependant on the nature of the case involved.

12. Municipal elections shall be organized in the northern municipalities in 2013 with the facilitation of the OSCE in accordance with Kosovo law and international standards.

13. Discussions on Energy and Telecoms will be intensified by the two sides and completed by June 15.

14. It is agreed that neither side will block, or encourage others to block, the other side’s progress in their respective EU path.

15. An implementation committee will be established by the two sides, with the facilitation of the EU.

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