Dozens of volunteers from the Balkans go to fight alongside the Terrorists in Syria. Fundamentalist Muslims have joined the fight for Sharia Law alongside Al Nusra and Al Qaeda, from several countries in the Balkans. In Australia and UK, anyone who goes to fight with the terrorists are arrested when they return home and face 20 years in jail. What will these Balkan countries do when their terrorists return?

The media reported that dozens of Macedonia Macedonian citizens are divided among Syrian rebels fighting the regime of President Bashar al – Assad. As INA news agency reports, citing sources from the security services, is concerned for at least 30 Macedonian citizens who are taking part in hostilities. According to the same sources, some of them paid 3-5 thousand euros per month.

Data published only a week after it was reported the killing of a Macedonian Albanians in Syria. It is about Rasim.S, Albanian from Gostivar, who was killed as a member of the rebels and had just arrived in Syria from Austria, where he lived and worked. Intelligence report also part of the rebels in Syria are hundreds of them from Kosovo, Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

So far about 10 Albanians were killed so far by fighting against President Bashar al-Assad. The total number of Albanians involved in the Syrian war is believed to 140 and are divided into two groups.
(M / Brakes)