06.06.2013 | 16:28

By: Alma Lama, member of the Assembly

I write today in my name, the name of my constituents who have entrusted their vote to build a democratic state that respects freedoms and human rights, that respects religious beliefs and that these beliefs can not return to oppression and promiscuity for others.


I refer to a humiliating language and discourse unacceptable that some religious leaders are using to poison the faithful who aspire to moral values. But no moral value, can not stand on immorality, no communication culture can not be built on a degenerate languages.

No society can prosper if the fanatics and extremists let them guide. Extremist and fanatical ideas, and absolutizmat autoritarizmat have no place in a democratic European society. But unfortunately, Kosovo lot like other democratic countries, but many tolerate these enemies of democracy and human values, who use our freedom ambushed us, who attack the foundations of our culture, we name other cultures who attack our traditions in the name of anachronisms.

The situation is serious and can not be isolated only in an immoral discourse like this that we have heard in recent days. I am here to speak up for a risk that is posed of Kosovo, which is religious fundamentalism. Those countries that have tolerated today dropped his grip and could not come from them.

It is shameful that the political class today silent on the phenomenon that is growing by the day. It is a shame that politicians are silent because they are afraid not to lose any vote. But I assure you that today’s silence would be fatal for all of us tomorrow. Ignoring the problem does not solve it. Poor people of Kosovo are now left to fend for themselves. They forced everyone to reach out to a morsel of bread for their children. One of us use this weakness to advance anti agenda.

The Kosovo government is responsible for a number of today’s situation. Because not only is able to increase their welfare bit, open a job, and to ensure minimum living conditions, but is unable to control or financing doubtful entering Kosovo which appears today that have come under subdue the traditional institutions of religion.

The last point is that we as a Parliament to ask all institutions to prevent further degradation, but to perform responsibly and consciously work state, because the State will not do us neither America nor Europe, but in himself.Freedom and democracy for which someone yesterday fought one today, are fragile, if not maintained every day, the risk of extinction.

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