After the demonstration held today in Pristina about Kosovo Assembly building, VETËVENDOSJE!held a press conference in which they spoke Delegation, Mr. Boiken Abbas, coordinator of the secretariat of the General Secretariat and Ahmeti also vice president of the Movement Self-Determination.

Below you can find their full address.

Word Abbas Boikeni

VETËVENDOSJE! had long warned that the demonstration would be raised to stop the deal Thaci-Dacic.So we made public a few weeks ago. The last time we made such a call, the agreement has been postponed for another day, and that day was today. We stop trying to make the agreement are not only inside but also outside the Assembly. Full citizens have responded to our call for demonstration and activists have joined VETËVENDOSJE! 9:00 in the morning to block five main entrances to Parliament with our bodies. This thing we have successfully managed to do, until the brutal police intervention against our activists.

Many members of the Assembly of Kosovo declared against it several times, but have said that pressure from “above”, the forces were forced to vote for the agreement. They are saying that they are internationals who are forcing our MPs to enter Parliament and to raise their hands to ratify the agreement. Today we gave them all a way out against pressure from “above” through civil resistance from below, toward true democracy stems from people who know the rise in protest as self-defense against rape that is being done sovereignty, integrity territorial and justice in Kosovo.

However, most of the members of the Assembly decided not to choose a way out, and decided to enter Parliament’s vote to ratify this agreement. but the Government hostage in a reign know the people of Kosovo only with theft and threats only daily violence.

Our demonstration aimed to stop further violence against the people of this Government of Kosovo, no negotiations without stopping the destruction of the state of Kosovo. By the information that the police have arrested 98 demonstrators. In addition there are injured people, there are people with broken limbs, the worst case was the case of Islam Islamic activist who was there at the Parliament sitting on the ground in protest, is trampled underfoot by the boots of Police, has been hit with Boots in the chest and suffered cardiac arrest.

I say this once again to clarify that the Kosovo Police once knew not to act according to the interests of the country and its citizens’ demands.

Shpend Ahmeti Word

I can say that since 1999, there has been a black day for Kosovo than this. With great regret, we saw what happened in the Assembly for ratification of the agreement are calling for normalization of relations with Serbia. This is the biggest attack on the Republic of Kosovo since its declaration.

Even with limited sovereignty that we had today was ratified even greater dependence on Serbia, knowing that with this agreement the people of Kosovo now has no democratic right to decide its fate. This agreement was ratified, as of today we can not take any decision on how republic, nothing with nothing like the people on issues relating to our future. Therefore, we considered right and obligation of every citizen activist of the Republic of Kosovo to raise voice against this agreement. You know that almost all of the members of the Kosovo citizens and nearly every meeting we are aware that this is a bad deal. No one has said that this is the best deal. All have said that they know that this is a bad deal but it is seeking international community, Prime Minister, one of the top .. If it is bad, then definitely had to stop this agreement in Parliament, and I say that SELF-DETERMINATION! today attempted to stop the ratification of this agreement harmful for Kosovo.

This first we tried to do by blocking the entry of deputies in the Assembly, and of course after the intervention of the police have tried through our deputies in the Assembly, simply go tan her vote, because we know that with this arrangement attacked democracy and neither Parliament nor the votes of citizens no sense because if we have 90% of the population in Kosovo for something you can not apply it because for each issue will be decided now Serbia. So do not even Serb minority in Kosovo, but now have become stakeholders Serbia in Kosovo. So is attacking too much democracy.

I saw some press by some political parties and several embassies. Firstly AAK surprised that the Government has reacted before self, and with a statement that I thought I wrote to the Government but then I saw that the ACA. Since both statements, and the AAK Government also talk to us a Kosovo’s international image that supposedly SELF-DETERMINATION! The somewhat damaged the image. It’s strange how these people do not speak a single word for corruption in Kosovo. The greatest irony is governed in a communiqué said “the will of European citizens in Kosovo expressed with the free”. What free vote? The French Embassy called industrial theft. But, no need to call the French embassy and we know what happened in the 2010 elections. Be told what to vote on behalf of us come cheap these decisions, then knowing the pressure that comes from outside, it is all but free vote of the members of the least free vote of the citizens of Kosovo. We have always said that if they are convinced to support the citizens of this agreement, to excrete the referendum, and would probably also the best way to estimate how many actually support the citizens of Kosovo. But, you know that we referendum stop us from being the same international community, and the right to deny him even yourself through this Government.

We have often heard the word democracy today, “this is not democracy”, “it is not democratic”, in a place where it steals votes, in a place where stolen people’s budget, which is tearing corruption, the highest democratic duty that each of us has is to stop the government from doing selling this state. This is the democratic norm. This is democratic lines. And not there a technical procedure where you are caught impair democracy as we know it for what it is democracy in Kosovo.

For many of the political parties seems that the image is more important than our functionality. We have always said that when a man is sick in body, can wear any clothes and some may look beautiful, but inside is sick and will not feel good. Kosovo is sick of corruption, lack of democracy, theft, violation of voting and civil rights, and we talk about how an international image must appear on the outside, as though our parliament is funksionuaka of that here really have to do with most people. There is further from the truth than this. We all know what is happening in Kosovo. We all know thefts, corruption, and what happens in the Assembly of Kosovo, while today we sometimes MPs threatened with physical threats.

Be clear that VETËVENDOSJE! will not deviate from its path. Can threaten us how to love, but we will continue our way in opposition to this agreement because we are convinced that the agreement is very harmful.

We will inform you about future actions. I salute those three deputies voted against, although we do not know who they are, except that we know that the union movement has issued a statement against the agreement, and we know that the last time they voted against, and they Individual members who decided not subject to government but to preserve the dignity of the state.

June 27, 2013


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