While the U.S. ambassador has published a photo with a sign on your hand is pointing in a protest of self-determination, and a little later published a photo from a party where she has gone, the Self-Determination Movement protesters say they are the ones who are who has hurt the recordings. Secretary Self-Determination Movement Dardan Molliqaj arrested in protest against the ratification of the agreement relates to Indeksonline cases of injuries to protesters. 


Some of them, according to him, are not in good condition. In one of the cases of those injured in the protest shows that he had a heart attack, while on another occasion said protester lost consciousness. The injured person has suffered attack says Islam is Islam, 43, a former KLA soldier, now an activist in the movement’s center in Besianë.

aida 2

“Islam has come along with activists in protest Besiana Center and the intervention of the Special Unit of the Assembly entrance at the side of the municipality has been sitting on the ground along with scores of other activists when it hit intensely on the left side and on the left chest, kicked and batons (baton), “says Molliqaj. According to him, the doctors conclusion was that the heart attack was caused by the blow that has suffered during the protest. Meanwhile, adds that even today today his condition is not good. Nënkryetrja of this movement Dërguti Aida, has also suffered heavily, says Molliqaj. “Mrs. Dërguti is one of many cases, of 68 detainees, which neither resistance nor did I try to challenge the order of the police at the time of arrest. Since the moments before police violently pulled from the body, “explains Molliqaj until adds that the arrest was violent and had his stroke over by police. activist Istok, Agron KABASHI lost consciousness. According Molliqaj, this was caused by the spray’s receipt. “Located in the ground without a chance to move tens hit consecutive kicks from police officers who saw after walking up there, caught the upward limbs, and dragged him.That’s at least 20-30 minutes, “he recalled. According to him, the injured protester, Agron received was sent to an emergency infusion, and the medical report has marked injury to the eyes and respiratory tract. Molliqaj explained that are at least 13 cases of suppression of limbs. “From the reports we have so far are those of the suppression of limbs (hands) and neck sprains, head injuries, back, severe injury from spray and tear gas, which this times has caused many problems as it is thrown in too large quantities and the rear entrance where there was a very narrow space, “he said. He mentioned several times that says they have identified so far. 1 .Reshat fetahu from Gjakova Center sprain in his right hand with batons kick2. Agron KABASHI requested emergency assistance in the UCC by hitting that has suffered in many parts of the body and especially the flushing of excess spray. 3. Accor has Havolli hand in plaster by hand blows and twisting during arrest 4. Azzam Egzon sore in the back by hitting 5. Zeka Kaltrina dropped off by excessive use of pepper spray 6. Sopi Lendita also completely rinsed with spray 7. Jalal has Shyti hand hurt during arrest torsion 8. Sameer Beg also has hand injured during arrest 9. Ali Begic has a ruptured capillaries in the face by a policeman shot in face boots Cases have been above all in emergency. Others are hurt but not presented to the doctor: 1. Albion Rexhepi sore kick with batons at the waist. 2. Albanian Baftiu lost consciousness from excessive use of spray 3. Valon Hoti has hurt his hand 4. Sunrise Lajthiza has hurt both sides.


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