An electronic medium from Belgrade “Taçno” (Correct) has published research has shown eight reasons why Belgrade should change course towards Kosovo and to recognize its independence.

First reason: Because Kosovo from long practice is now split from Serbia.

Serbia 13 years, from the time of signing the agreement with NATO in Kumanovo has lost effective control over Kosovo. Serbia currently has no control over Kosovo and Kosovo over the past 13 years has its institutions at the local level as well as in central and institutions have implemented policies and laws totally different from those of Serbia.

The second reason: Non management proper Kosovo by Serbia during the time that there were under control.

Serbia since the first Balkan war of 1912 to 1999 there were structures in Kosovo. During this period has failed to establish authority over the population. Form and function Kosovo during that period was mainly apartheid. Albanian majority has rejected structures and actively cooperate with the Serbian authorities.

Reason three: Acceptance of Kosovo is in the interest of Serbia.

Serbia has difficulties exercising control over its existing territory, especially in the south and then leave to seek the extension of the control over Kosovo. Claims for the extended control over Kosovo and Serbia will impoverish will insulate it from Europe.

The fourth reason: For security circumstances.

Serbia has internal problems with organized crime, corruption and organized groups against the state. It will be a threefold with severe and even worse if Kosovo would be inside.

The fifth reason: Because the common population have accepted the loss of Kosovo.

In all opinion polls in Serbia after 2000 has come out the result that the majority of ordinary citizens perceive and accept that Kosovo is not and will never be part of Serbia, reports newspaper “Illyria”.

Reason six: Because the Serbs in Kosovo.

All governments in Belgrade consider a priority the protection of the Serbs.If Serbia can not turn over in Kosovo, then we must recognize that in order for Kosovo Serbs not blackmailed, threatened and treated as a danger to Albanians.

Reason seven: Because that Serbia has no moral right to speak about Kosovo.

Experiences and suffering caused in Kosovo during the Kosovo governed Serbia have been great for Albanians, especially during 1989 -1999. This time peaked with torture, murder, persecutions, massacres, burning and massive discrimination against Albanians.

Reason eight: Because the majority population of Kosovo has decided not to live in a state with Serbia.

Reason of eight, but not last, says electronic media from Belgrade, Serbia should recognize Kosovo is the fact that the majority of Kosovo is decided and determined not to live in a state with Serbia. Their determination should be respected by Belgrade. / Indeksonline /

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