by Agim Gashi

Radical Islam – Wahabbism, are damaging the independence of Kosovo with condescending attitudes. While the negligent party institutions and local NGOs and international organizations in Kosovo, anti-kosovare political circles, the European public is providing an overview of the world of “unwanted people” , followed by the propaganda of “the risk of creating a wedge ribs Muslim in Europe.”


For a country to define shared civilizational identity, must meet the criteria: the willingness of political and economic elites to change, community readiness for redefinition identity, and will host civilization. 

Kosovo meets the criteria for landing on one or another civilization? What civilization will swallow a shove Kosovo in its bosom? Facing the crossroads of civilizations and cultural amallgam, Kosovo faces the challenge of civilization and national identity. 

Islamic Revival and we appear to be an attempt Islam is perceived not only as a religion but as a way of life.In the Islamic world is a place of broad cultural movement, social and political attitudes that predominates over increasingly secular slimmer. An indication of the Islamic resurrection to us, are: increased attention to religious rites, praying in her gjami and out, axhërimi, distribution of religious publications, focusing on Islamic dress, demand more of the introduction of Islamic lifestyle in public life such as the requirement of forgiveness in public institutions, the introduction of religious teaching in schools, etc.. All media and regardless of political subjects try to attract customers by offering all Oriental atmosphere. In the preceding local television.

Since the liberation of Kosovo and hence our interlocutors on various issues, friends and others, on topics ranging from the simple to the negotiations on the final status of Kosovo, among others have created a perception of vague regarding the elements of civilization. Besides deficiencies in governance, within the powers provided, courage and willingness to intervene in mismanagement of UNMIK, Albanian political institutions and caste allegedly appear dull before the new flood from the East. This price ngiti anyway to gain confidence for recognition of statehood with all its attributes. Kosovo’s identity is a serious test. Muslim peoples in the Balkans took the pressure of violence by Islamic Ottoman whereby verzinon received more pragmatic, rational and logical, and the mystical, or psycho-spiritual dimension of Islam.
Such solution Kosovars strain along with all the other islamizuarit cultivated in the Balkans Hanafi school version or Sufi. – Tasawwuf of Islam.
“pure Islam fighters” as they like to call themselves wahabinjtë, began their activity in Kosovo since the early 90s, without being hindered at all by the rulers of the neo-Nazi ideology sister-fascist Milosevic. Today’s the day they explicitly reject any external influence cultural learning imposing presence of exclusive unalienable through kryeshnoshe, circumcision or a similar rally, opposing scientific theories of natural or social manifestation offering explanations of Sharia as a replacement Quran as did, for example, in Peja boy named Elvis Goga rumored as the top local Resistance fighter in Peja. What Arfan Qadeer ask Peja bhati, Norwegian Pakistani nationality?

NGOs still operating under the umbrella of the Saudi Joint Committee for the Relief of Kosovo and Chechnya, who came to Kosovo after the war in 1999, but take advantage of poverty in the suburbs Kosovo cities, but also largely in the surrounding villages. And all this by the Saudi government, “not for a few months or years, but until there is a need …” Modus operandi of movement in Kosovo wahabite religious indoctrination of the population is poor Albanian, Bosnian and Egyptian and Ashkali. Such cases are most visible example, in: Shipol neighborhood of Mitrovica, in the mighty Hill or Vranjevc Pristina, Prizren and Pec, Peja Radavc in Voksh erected as in Ferizaj Kaēanik etc. , etc.. The recruitment by anti-Kosovar centers (SigurimiShtetërorë Saudi Arabia and Serbia) they are paving the way for globalizing forces of international Islamic tradition trying to defeat Islamic tolerant, diverse, which made ​​hegjeminozmin resist centralization and the “Islamska Zajednicës” the orchestrated by Belgrade before and after the Second War World. It is precisely this life the center of Tito agreement Kypyrli for sending 300,000 Albanians in the deserts of Anatolia. Arab Wahabism supported by Serbian intelligence in Kosovo, in the wake of “Islamska Zajednicës” is trying to change the galloping Kosovo society and interpersonal relationships. And this is done to some extent, because people are starting to behave with shpërefillje to them, or are afraid of them? 

case, the multitude of cases that speaks for the introduction of “global Islam” into the soul of so-called “intellectual” funeral is prominent Kosovar artist, Muharrem Qena. Nothing against the freedom of expression of the family, if it was not done pomposity coffin wrapped in the green flag with Arabic writing, an event covered by all relevant media in Kosovo .. 

Islamic Relief Foundation (IEF) according to data provided Saudi official website, offers Kosovar children “education” in over 30 Koranic schools throughout Kosovo. Children were offered initial amount of 50 euros for learning and singing the verses from the Koran surave special. In schools built from funds Saudi Joint Committee for the Relief of Kosovo and Chechnya help from Islamic Relief Foundation is working to create a new generation of Muslims loyal, not to Kosovo, but to International Islamic.
always in the service of this project, near mosques identified as “their” Wahhabi activists have opened Internet cafes to lure children of different ages after web sessions to hear “naslihatet” against Skanderbeg and Albanian National Renaissance (against Kadare, Mother Teresa) against civilization traditional Islam and its western Kosovo. 

Besides the aforementioned fact mujahedeen targeted activists have selected the other layers of the Kosovar population. Widows of leave, peasants, unemployed youth, some “intellectual” receive funding (150 euros and other assistance) to witness all Islamic life style, more radical forms. 

On the web sites of political parties larger in Kosovo, or in those intellectuals like Dr. Milazim Kransniqi & Company, links to their web pages have the icon with the opening of Religion which is activated by Ilahi Adem Ramadani oriental singing. See website. 

While condescending and negligent attitude of institutions, or prtive of local NGOs and international institutions in Kosovo, antikosovare political circles, the European public is providing an overview of the world of “unwanted people”, followed by propaganda for “the risk of creating a wedge ribs Muslim Europe”. 

Kuluaret Serbian state policy with other, in close cooperation with local and international mujahedin require, or are preparing a “rebellion” possible just on the eve of election Kosovo’s status. Figures characteristic Wahhabi Islamic civilization will be fixed by the cameras of reporters like lighting the major media houses worldwide. And, “the unwanted” will sink for a long time dream of cultivating the weather. Dream to live freely, without fear, in harmony that tolerance set forth in this part of Europe weather.
domestic and international institutions, political parties and NGOs should publish a clear message to the dukurije suicide in Kosovo. 


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