By Prof.. Dr.. Mehdi HYSENI
Modification or removal of Kosovo’s logo is the identity DISCLAIMER state of the Republic of Kosovo. Therefore, the Academy of Sciences and Arts (Academy) by a wide announcements response of 17 points, has acted upon the opposition to the decision to remove the logo from the ballot of local elections, set for November 3, 2013.

Prof. Dr. Mehdi Hyseni
Prof. Dr. Mehdi Hyseni

State symbols of the Republic of Kosovo, both are also symbols of European identity integration, democratic and peaceful (the EU), to each attempting to define viations, changing or removing them for the sake of demands and ultimatums Serbia as is the case of enforcement of the removal of the logo (emblem) of the ballots for local elections in Kosovo, who will be 3 November 2013 is inadmissible under the law and under the Constitution of Kosovo (June 15, 2008), because the decision to change or suspension of Kosovo’s state symbols, can only adopt the Assembly by two-thirds (2/3) voted, or sovereign-the people through a referendum, not the CEC, not the government of Prime Minister or government Serbia’s Ivica Dacic (prime), despite the support of the international community.
Politicians can “play tail” to “scores” of their various (whether political, careers, economic, trade, vassal … etc..), But NO academics, even if dealing with politics as Daci (formerly chairman of the Assembly Today, the current chairman of the LDD).

Academics should be aware that what you say theoretically, should defend, justify and specify them practically. Otherwise, do not say anything, neither theoretically nor practically. Moreover shpërputhmëria between theory and practice ethics questions, parimësinë, dignity, integrity and credibility of national professional and scientific of an individual, regardless of his academic degrees.

Basically, in every case and, in any situation, regardless of creation and, by dictate of social and political circumstances in the country and beyond, and academician must confess, at any cost, to protect the truth, not a “chicken without charge “, lost in the whirlpool of their being stranded in different directions” at Windward “personal interests or foreign interests.

In politics, they do not have scientific academic degrees, and there is no wonder then, that the truth can lakojnë and run after their narrow interests “windward direction”, but academics with advanced degrees, do not enjoy ” luxuries “such as they carry moral and professional responsibility as the cream of the nation and the state of science. They must not gënjenë, and dezorientojnë deceive people for the sake of their personal, group, party, political, promotional and careers etc.. They, with their behavior and balanced human consistent with their works of successful scientific, must prove their real values, indeed, are the heart and brain of the nation and the homeland, and not buddy-buddy “volunteer lawyers” to inetresave various trade policy and day, even if you are dealing with politics or political party leaders as Academic Daci.

The doctrine constructive and destructive practice!
Academic *** Daci said that: “The removal of logos do not harm Kosovo” ( http://www.reporteri. net/07/09/2013 )!!!
Then, why Belgrade, relying on the Brussels agreement on normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia, signed by the two Prime Ministers Hashim Thaci (on behalf of Kosovo) and Ivica Dacic (on behalf of Serbia (19 April 2013) is seeking to emblem of Kosovo, not put on the ballot of local elections on 3 November this year, Kosovo is not damaged or not damaged state interests and Neo-Colonialist Age colonial policy of Serbia in Kosovo?

There is no doubt that the removal of the emblem, Serbia does not hurt, but theoretically and practically denies the attributes of state of the Republic of Kosovo, not only in the north, but throughout its territory. Even Simply, remove the logo recalls the hegemonic and militaristic Serbia in Kosovo (1912-1999).
This is required by Belgrade, the government of Prime Minister Hashim Thaci (which, practically, as Daci, has agreed with the logo from the ballot hejen highlighted), and the EU.
Why Daci, also opposes virtually KASA reaction in defense of an independent and sovereign statehood of Kosovo?
This nonsense philosophy of “thin” Daci academic policy, announced the electronic portal in Albanian ” “dated September 7, 2013, stating that” the President of the LDD, Daci said that Kosovo is not affected by removal of the logo by ballot for elections to local November 3 . theory saying that there had to be removed, but practically need support. “( page = 1,2 , 10599 / / )

Yes, what experiment “chemical-political” is that, firstly, says: “theoretically should not be removed”, and, secondly, practically, should support “removing logos from the significant local ballots, which will be made on 3 November 2013 in Kosovo? – This means, theoretically with Kosovo, Serbia practically!? – Otherwise, this may not kupohet contradictory political nonsense.

Telling the truth offers a lot “scientific definition” If I had not, read by a Kosovo Albanian academic, nor from any academic Serbia (Serbian academics as it is known, not only practically, but also theoretically proved that oppose citizenship independent Republic of Kosovo), because when translated into political vocabulary, there is no logical meaning – “theoretically against removing the logos” (namely the protection of Kosovo’s statehood), and “virtually” with Ivica Dacic to remove logo Kosovo’s statehood, as it dictates policy and diplomacy Serbian propaganda Neo-Colonialist Age.
This sort of “theoretical and practical scientific definition” contradicts the content of the official communiqué of the Academy of Sciences and Arts (Academy) and mixing nërhyrjes against Serbia in Kosovo, among other things, to the point “6. KASA requires the international community to give up on Kosovo constant pressures of making new compromises, including the issue of the use of state symbols, elements that can harm the base of the state of Kosovo “( www.albaniapress .com/06/09 / 2013 ).
Why should Kosovo logo removed, when she reflects primarily the right to self-determination of the historical and the Kosovo Albanians and their will for freedom and independence, as it symbolizes the democratic European identity, integration, civilized and peaceful Kosovo? – Because of its transfiguration and viations, theoretically and practically suitable for him “political math” of Tomislav Nikolic (president) and Ivica Daçqit (Prime Minister): “Kosovo are Serbia”. This is the whole philosophy of neo-colonial politics and diplomacy Serbian Belgrade, gradually, by peaceful means, is struggling independent Kosovo Albanian claws back under Serbia’s former colonial years (1912-1999).
Discrepancy theory from practice-zero result!
This experiment some kind of pro et contra “convergence” chemical-political, is not acceptable nor teaching methodology in natural sciences or social ones, because in case of his theory and practice, exclude each other, means that this experiment some of his laboratory is failing even theoretically and practically because it does not match theory with practice. This means that the result is equal to zero in the political sense of the overall national interest and state of the Republic of Kosovo, in the naive simulation propaganda in favor of European diplomacy vardisjes hypocritical, anti-Serbian policy.
What this paradox, Daci academic theory agrees with the removal of Kosovo’s logo by ballot of local elections on 3 November 2013, rather than support the official press release of the Academy, who rightfully and, consistent with the arguments criticized removal of Kosovo’s logo … it as the antithesis, opposes this paper (although he himself is a member of KASA), claiming that “virtually REMOVING THE LOGOS supported, despite its removal, the identity of Denial nationality of the independent and sovereign.
-As above, it rightly raised disturbing questions, such as academics and political leaders Daci, who “blow wind direction”, the lakojnë the truth (for the sake of vardisjes daily politics and, more broadly, that Euro-international ) needed to Kosovo, Presevo, Bujanovac and Medvedja, respectively Ethnic Albania, which “virtually” agree with the Serbian Prime Minister, Ivica Dacic, who removed the logo of the Republic of Kosovo election ballots lokle of 3 November 2013, by naively claimed that her removal “does not harm Kosovo”?

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