Now that Kosovo has been un-wisely been compared to the Syrian conflict, as the success story for the USA. It is now getting reputation, as a terrorist state by the media after having trained Libyan terrorists and now many Albanians being recruited to fight Jihad in Syria, but Kosovo is fighting back.

by Halil Matoshi

Any Kosovars who travel to Syria to join the terrorists to fight for jihad against the Syrian Government  of Bashar al-Assad, could find themselves stripped of their Kosovo citizenship, to prevent them returning home.


As Turkey is the gateway into Syria, for the terrorists, it is also the gateway for the Al Qaeda/Al Nusra, FSA terrorists to enter Europe after killing and butchering in Syria. Although the FSA are being funded with money and arms, by the USA and Saudi Arabia, while they are killing in Syria, the USA are not so keen to let them leave and spread terror in their countries of origin. We have heard from the confessions of the captured terrorists, that they have been given, fake passports before traveling to Turkey.

Terrorists, that are given fake passports to enter Turkey, will be major factor in where these terrorists will eventually end up. If Saudi Arabia is issuing excellent forged passports, that get through passport control into Turkey, it will mean the same high quality passports will allow the terrorists to travel anywhere in the world they wish to go.

We cannot prevent the fundamentalist muslims from going to fight for jihad, but the Kosovo state can defend itself and prevent them returning home if they are a threat to national security!? This may be difficult to police, once these jihadists have false passports.

This has nothing to do with the debate on the introduction of religious instruction in schools as an optional subject in Kosovo, nor the headscarf debate about Albanian girls and women of Islam, nor with Article 8 of the Constitution (state secularism Kosovo) that reflects the political agenda of institutional development, because if the constitution guarantees freedom of religion and conscience.

“Right to fight ” for jihad is against the constitution of a modern and democratic state, so this” right “makes himself stood against the state and society, as well as intention to modernization and integration into the EU and NATO.

For jihad in Kosovo, there are different interpretations of interpretation that states that Jihad is the struggle within oneself right (to a believer) to perform religious duties and to overcome bad habits (the greater jihad) as a religious duty of Muslims to the interpretation of ‘jihad small “label that appears to be Arabic for” armed struggle “against persecution and oppression.
Within the context of Islamic doctrine, (to Shia beliefs), jihad refers to struggle against those who do not believe in Islam (by Allah), but the word has also other broader implications.
Jihad is commonly used term “Holy War”.
According to some sources (See: Merriam-Webster’s Encyclopedia of World Religions), Jihad appears 41 times in the Qur’an, often with idiomatic expressions as “striving in the path of God.”
A minority among the Sunni scholars sometimes refer to jihad as the sixth pillar of Islam, which has no such official status, while the direction to Shia Islam, however, Jihad is one of 10 religious practices.
Yet according to the BBC, a third of people who are knowledgeable of Islam believe essential meaning of jihad is the struggle to build a better society.
Interestingly, more doctrinaire follower of Islam in Kosovo (belonging to Sunni) think Al-Assad belongs to the Shia leadership, therefore misguided way of the Lord, while the Shia leadership gives precisely the term ‘jihad’ meaning the war against the infidels!
Anyways real paradox in this story is the fact that voices are coming true saying that Albanians, particularly Kosovars who are fighting in Syria have no political cause (fight for justice and freedom) and are not supported insurgency, but neither supports the Syrian regular army, but tongs in hand fundamentalist Islamic political groups, fighting on many fronts, against the Assad dynasty troops against insurgents and against non-Muslims in Syria, or the aliens and the idea of Damascus as the center of the Caliphate (as before 1000 years).
Alja Noha, a Syrian student in Bangladesh, has Speaking to the media in Tirana, being connected by telephone with Ahmad Trad, former Syrian army pilot, but now part of the anti-Assad fighters of the Free Syrian Army, fighting in the outskirts of Idlebit.
Trad said there radical groups fighting in Syria, but does not have the major share in dispute. He admitted that in Syria there are Albanians who are fighting against the regime of President Bashar al-Assad, but these are not part of the Albanian rebels, but the radical fundamentalist groups fighting for ousting of President Assad and to establish an Islamic state!? It is estimated that there are over 500 Albanians from Kosovo, Macedonia and Albania, and among them there were casualties, but now comes confirmation that they are involved in Islamic fundamentalist groups that have a final order different from the Free Syria Army.

Therefore all persons Kosovar citizenship and currently fighting on the side of Islamic extremist groups in Syria, should be considered as members of terrorist organizations and have been in search of the prosecution in Kosovo , and the decree should be stripped of citizenship on the basis of the Kosovo Constitution and the law on citizenship, Article 24 (offenses defined in the Criminal Code of Kosovo), because they are organized, trained, funded and inspired terrorist groups in Kosovo or another country and this is ample legal reason to be stripped of citizenship to persons of the Republic of Kosovo immediately.
Article 3 of the law on citizenship establishes that the decision to deprivation of citizenship of the Republic of Kosovo may be issued without the participation of the person in concerned in the proceedings.
Article 14 of the Constitution (Citizenship) says: Profit and loss of the right to citizenship of the Republic of Kosovo is regulated by law.
With the law on citizenship defined ways of winning, losing and regaining the citizenship of the Republic of Kosovo and the adjusted issue other related to the citizenship of the Republic of Kosovo. Article 2 states that the definition of citizenship under the law is a legal bond between the state of the Republic of Kosovo and a person which lead to mutual rights and obligations; Whereas Article 19 (Ways of loss of citizenship) states: 1. Citizenship of the Republic of Kosovo is lost: 1.1. citizenship by release 1.2. by deprivation of citizenship; 1.3. based on international agreements.
Article 24 (Loss deprivation of citizenship) means : 1. Notwithstanding the right of persons to citizenship of the Republic of Kosovo in accordance with Chapter V of this Law, the competent authority may deprive a citizen of the Republic of Kosovo from citizenship of the Republic of Kosovo, whether citizen holds another citizenship and is involved in activities, the endangering national security of the Republic of Kosovo; 2. activities, which are a threat to the national security of the Republic of Kosovo in particular considered the following activities:
2.1. the citizen intentionally joined an organization which aims to damage or destroy the order Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo, or 2.2. citizen engages in activities aimed at damaging or destroying the constitutional order of the Republic of Kosovo, or 2.3. citizen is a member of the intelligence services or police of another state and thus do not has received approval from the competent authority or is not permitted by international agreements 4. decision loss to deprivation of citizenship shall become effective when the decision is delivered to the person concerned. Where the decision can not be delivered because the competent authority can not identify the location of the person, the decision to defeat deprivation of citizenship becomes effective on the day of its publication in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Kosovo; 5. deprivation against the decision to an administrative dispute may be initiated in the competent court under the Law on Administrative Dispute.

The term terrorism is defined in the Criminal Code of Kosovo (Article 135).
Definitions of terrorism provisions in sections 121-145; For the purposes of sections 121-145 of the Code:

1. Terrorism, terrorist act or act of terrorism – the performance of one or more of the following offenses in order to seriously intimidate the population, unduly compel a public body, government or international organization to perform or abstain from doing any act , or to seriously destabilize or destroy the fundamental political structures, constitutional, economic or social of the Republic of Kosovo, a country or an international organization, however in this case the prosecution Kosovo authorities can not investigate in Syria, if they people have committed terrorist acts or not, that Kosovo has the sole remedy for protection (general safety) by removing their citizenship to these people, who struggle “for Allah” in Syria.
Conversely Islamic Community of Kosovo official institution rather than to call for the preservation of religious tolerance as a model of cultural and spiritual ecumenism and inter through the centuries rather than defend secularism of the state, is flirting with fundamental Islam, and is currently “occupied” by “activities secret “staging coups (most political purposes) within the institutions!?
Therefore the son of Mufti of Kosovo, Naim Tërnava has called on Albanians to go to Syria to fight. He, on the social network “Facebook” has written that every day more and more will be added to join his compatriots in Syria fighting. But although this is no offense was made ​​more, even the investigating bodies or the state prosecutor ex officio. commemorate the Criminal Code of Kosovo – The drive to perform terrorist acts – Article 141 states: Whoever disseminates , or in any other way allows the message to the public, in order to perform the push of a terrorist act, when such behavior whether or not directly advocating terrorist acts, creating the risk that one or more such offenses committed, shall be punished with imprisonment one (1) to five (5) years.
Therefore, for the sake of general security in Kosovo and the region, for the sake of national security allies of Kosovo and an obligation to fight terrorism and to preserve the stability of the country , these people should be punished with deprivation of citizenship. Otherwise, I do not want to prejudge how to behave these fighters’ jihadists after returning home, but the case of Muslim volunteers from Africa and Asia in the Bosnian war, and who were living there after the war, shows a behavior more Their aggressive, significantly damaging the Bosnian state and democracy.


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