Save Prishtina from this Man!!!

Why would anyone vote for the man who has virtually destroyed Prishtina in his time as Mayor. Can anyone really be this stupid? Or are they getting paid to vote?

images (4)Isa Mustafa, 62, began his political career in the 1980s, heading the municipal government of Prishtina from 1984 to 1988, a position to which he returned in 2007 when he beat deputy head of the PDK Fatmir Limaj in the mayoral race.

In the municipal elections of 2009, Mustafa was re-elected as mayor of Prishtina, this time without the need for a run-off, after the PDK’s negative campaign against him worked in his favour.

During the 1990s, Mustafa lived in exile mainly in Germany, Switzerland, Albania, Slovenia and Croatia after an arrest warrant for him was issued by the Serbian regime. He became minister of economy and finances of the government of the Republic of Kosova, in exile, headed by Bujar Bukoshi.

He returned to Kosovo after the end of the war in 1999, working at the Riinvest Institute and the University of Prishtina, before becoming senior political advisor to the then President of Kosovo, Fatmir Sejdiu in 2006.

Mustafa took the presidency of the LDK from incumbent Sejdiu on 7 November 2010 after gaining more votes in the party’s internal elections.

Sejdiu, who had resigned as president of Kosovo after the Constitutional Court ruled he could not hold a political position simultaneous to the presidency, is therefore considered to have been out-manoeuvred by Mustafa.

Do you really want this man to continue destroying Prishtina?

This is the Legacy he has given the people of Prishtina in his term as Mayor. A complete devastation of illegally built apartments, which do not have enough parking. No infrastructure to cope with this building boom. Hundreds of apartments in areas with just narrow roads.

Who in their right mind would vote for this man. If you are paid to vote for this man, you will be the loser, in the end and Prishtina will be worse off.


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