John Kerry is saying that he has not yet decided which country will destroy the Syrian chemical weapons, but sources have said that if not Albania, plans are being made to destroy them in Kosovo.


While the US feel that Albania owes a debt of gratitude to Washington over events stretching from the end of World War I – when then-President Woodrow Wilson saved the country from being dismembered by its neighbors – through the U.S.-led NATO bombing of then-Yugoslavia in 1999 to halt the killing of ethnic Albanians in Kosovo.

The Albanian people do not agree. “Albania belongs to the Albanians, not the international community,” said activist Aldo Merkoci. “Only the sovereign people can rule on this matter. We are here today to say NO.”

“No, no, no!” the crowd echoed him. Youths held placards declaring “Love Albania like the PM loves the U.S.” A poster showed a finger-pointing Uncle Sam urging people to protest.

Hashim Thaci has not ruled out, that the chemicals could be destroyed in Kosovo. Thaci, a puppet of the US will do what he is told by his puppet master. It has been suggested by NATO countries, that the chemicals could be deposited in military aircraft shelters under Goleshi Mount, or completely destroyed in smelting furnaces at Trepca.

Meanwhile in Brussels plans are already underway to ship the chemicals to Albania.

BRUSSELS—Albania has reached a basic agreement with the United States that it will destroy Syria’s chemical weapons arsenal, The Yomiuri Shimbun learned on Wednesday.

If the agreement is given the final nod, the United States would likely provide Albania with portable facilities for destroying chemical weapons after they are transported to the Balkan country, according to a source at the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.

Damascus will ship its chemical materials to a port in western Syria with help from Russia. From there, a Belgium commercial vessel will deliver the weapons to Albania, according to the source at the chemical watchdog based in The Hague. Several European countries would provide escort ships for the delivery, the source said.

The United States, Russia and other concerned parties are continuing to make arrangements for the decommissioning effort. However, some countries that were said to be possible destinations for Syria’s chemical arsenal have opposed this latest plan.

In light of such objections, the OPCW will not specify to which country Syria’s chemical weapons will be delivered when it submits a plan to the organization’s Executive Council on Friday regarding the chemical weapons’ destruction, according to a different source.

The plan, which would maintain the goal of dismantling Syria’s chemical weapons by mid-2014, would specify deadlines for destroying the weapons depending on how toxic the chemical materials involved are and their volume. Chemical materials that are deemed more poisonous would be taken out of Syria for destruction first.

Some kinds of chemicals that do not require advanced techniques for destruction could be processed within Syria along with munitions that do not contain chemicals, according to the plan.

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