Serbia will never leave northern Kosovo on Friday said Serbian Prime Minister,  Ivica Dacic  in north Mitrovica. 


He has addressed an election rally in the Serb Civic Initiative also known as “Serbian list.”
Together with Prime Minister Dacic, this was attended by the Ministers  Aleksandar Vulin  and Zorana Mihajlovic  and representatives of the “Serbian List”.

The participation of high-level delegation of the Serbian government in this rally, was an expression of support for Belgrade gives the “Serbian List” in the local elections in Kosovo Serb municipalities where the majority community.

Because of incidents that occurred on November 3, voting will be repeated in three polling stations in Mitrovica.

For this reason, Dacic remained Friday in Mitrovica, where Serb community is invited to come to the polls on Sunday November 17 and will not allow, as he said, that on top of northern Mitrovica comes an Albanian.

“Serbia will never give up and will never forget the Serbs in northern Kosovo , “Dacic said.

According to him, Serbia is not left Kosovo, rather is constituted by its institutions in the municipalities where the community lives.

He then ordered the Serbs that they should hear the Serbian state, so that Serbia can continue its presence in the north.

“If it was not Serbia, there would be the territory where today we have four major municipalities of the Serbian important” , said Dacic.

According to him, it is important that Kosovo Serbs to take power in 10 municipalities where the majority, after violently, it is not possible to happen.

Although expressed sympathy for the intervention force in Kosovo, Dacic said that it is not possible today.

” Serbia today, can not help you with guns and tanks. There can, not because they want, but because that is not allowed in that battle and can not go out winning , “said Dacic.

He reassured the Serbs in the north of Kosovo’s future army would not dare ever disembark in the north. Calling out to the polls, according to Dacic, local Serbs were not even done that Belgrade has more desire, but this is the only solution.

“We were not invited to go to elections or Pristina, Thaci help, but we were invited to go to the elections because it is the only way to get local Serbs, who will be recognized both Pristina and the international community without which can not do anything , “said Dacic following.

During this visit, the Serbian prime minister was accompanied by representatives of the Serbian List, and together they walked through the town of Mitrovica.

Giving full support to win the Serbian list in all municipalities where Serbs, Dacic scenario unfolding the establishment of local bodies, which he called Serbian.

” To go step by step: Victory in local elections, the constitution of the community of Serbian municipalities, the election of the president and the executive council, then the constitution of our bodies, police and judiciary where Serbs live “ , addressed the gathered mass Dacic.

Unlike in the first two weeks, now in northern Mitrovica, dominate billboards calling for participation in the elections and not to boycott.

Calls are also associated with the message to vote Serbian list, which is strongly supported by the Belgrade government.

Authorities there, who are claiming to be North Mitrovica Serb administrative center of the new, setting the Association or the Association of Serb Municipalities body that emerged as a result of the Treaty of 19 April in Brussels in the framework of dialogue between Pristina – Belgrade .

Through this body, local Serbs were promised a higher degree of self-government, while four northern municipalities will have additional powers.


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