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timthumbEuropean pacifism error against fascism between the two world wars in the Balkans is repeated, on the eve of the 100th anniversary of the First World War. Peace is not the right approach and not useful against fascism. We do not need the bitter experience of teaching us to repeat what we already know. Pacifism not pacifikon fascism (which thus encourages only), but exactly pacifikuesin. Peace to fascists is a unilateral relationship, to give peace but peace can know nothing back.

Serb fascism currently represented by the triad Nikolic-Vucic-Dacic. Its origin is Nikola Pašic and direct parents of these children were Milosevic’s Serbian fascism Seselj. As never before, this fascism is rewarded not only being tolerated by Brussels officials as well as the official Pristina. Political dialogue in Brussels marked the requirements Dacic, Thaci concessions and mediation of Baroness Ashton. Volume was anomalous, for only a year, since October last year, Thaci met 18 times with full Dacic. What is normal is abnormal anyway.

Serbia considers Kosovo once its internal issues. Today, Serbia is doing an internal issue of Kosovo. Thaci once do not accept the thesis that Kosovo is Serbia’s internal affair, but only 15 years later he also accepts the thesis that Serbia implements to be an internal issue of Kosovo. The emergence of Kosovo from Serbia is replaced by the entry of Serbia into Kosovo.

Dialogue with Serbia in Brussels is normalized within Kosovo. This normalization is however not only strengthen Serbia in Kosovo, it is strengthening the regional context in relation to the EU. Once, at the time of Milosevic and Kostunica, Serbia held stance against the EU and NATO and Kosovo Serbs against dirigjonte West. Now, through political dialogue with Thaci, it is continuing and more control over the Serbs without having to be against the West.

ashtonBaroness Ashton in Brussels (with EULEX in Kosovo) and Belgrade Dacic (the Association of Serb-majority municipalities in Kosovo) have become the real owners of Kosovo. Governors and managers Kosovo, Thaci is the CEO (Chief Executive Officer), and Quint ambassadors in Pristina present Board of Directors. CEO’s, or ‘boss’, give bonuses, as owners manage all managers (led by Chief). It was symptomatic of the famous phrase ‘chief of chiefs’ Pronto close, right?

In relation to Serbia, Kosovo problem has not only war crimes but also criminal intentions to go on living it. Minister does not care for any of these. Simply, many more Dacic believes in Serbia as a state than that Thaci believes in the rule and the Republic of Kosovo. Minister believes in front of the ruling and they both do for him. The money is power, power is money.

“The Association of Serb-majority municipalities will be dominated by the north, regardless of the number and the largest population in municipalities with Serbian majority in the south. One possible action that will prove especially problematic would be the transfer of claims outstanding and extensive property Serbia over Kosovo (ie beyond 10 member municipalities) of the Association of Serbian majority municipalities.Moreover, some fear that ambiguities will be used by the Association to burgle power in Kosovo. As one European diplomat interviewed, ‘Belgrade will prepare local Serbs say that everything that is not explicitly Association competence’. If one or both of these opportunities will be realized, it would meet the dark fear that the Association will become an ‘entity’, as Republika Srpska in Bosnia and Herzegovina “. So says a report published on the day of the Democratization Policy Council (DPC) which bears the title “Bargain still unfinished: Kosovo and Pristina-Belgrade agreement”.

Finally, the Serbian List Dacic once was called List Serbia, and also from Serbia to Bosnia called the Republika Srpska crowned there own coffin representing the state of Bosnia.

9 May, Europe Day, the statement relates to the French statesman Robert Schuman, since 1950. However, one should not forget that, before this, exactly five years earlier, marked the triumph over fascism in Europe, on 9 May 1945. The foundation of the European Union today is not simply peace, but (also) fascism. Victory over fascism brought peace and brought peace to Fascism World War II.

In its approach to the Balkans, Baroness Ashton is fascism ignores the fundamental principles of the EU, leaving it alone peace. Antifashizëm peace without war is a setback for ‘better days’. And, who knows, Baroness Ashton could be just a big stone in the mosaic of European where toleration of extreme right parties combined with the magic word ‘austerity’ (abbreviations) has only strengthened the fascism of Greece to the Netherlands, from France to Finland …

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