Ibrahim Kelmendi hits Hashim Thaci, reveals new details of his relationship with the French service!
Hashim Thaci and Ibrahim Kelmendi Arnaud Danjean /

Ibrahim Kelmendi, one of the leaders of the LCP, has ‘discovered’ some new details of Hashim Thaci’s connectivity with the French service.

All details Kelmendi has made public his account on Facebook.

Here’s his post:


[writing fumble]

Dilemmas for “association” between Hashim Thaci and French officer Arnaud Danjean

Fellow veteran Recep Halimi, who worked and lived in Zurich, Switzerland, was a rational flair in identifying and fellow activists. Living alone in Zurich, well paid in SBB (Swiss train), he had often parasites flat Xhavit Haliti, Hashim Thaci and others, who are treating him as Qajtore apartment. In the apartment had also guest post Frenchman Arnaud Danjean, which Hashimi had presented as a friend of the German language course. But Rexha, seemingly naive, begins to suspect in that association, since Arnaud were questioning him as an investigator, and not just as friends of Hashim. And therefore suspected as agents of a French secret service. Since then he had given me the Arnaudit business card. Since did not consider important, not kept.

During the conference in Rambouillet an operating diplomat asked if I knew “friend” of Hashim named Arnaud Danjean, who escorted everywhere in Castle Hashimi. I replied that is the companion of Mr. Thaci. He expressed surprise: “how is it possible to be friend Mr. Thaci with an officer of the French intelligence service … !? (paraphrases free).

Another day, two to three days before the end of the conference in Rambouillet, have two operating diplomats, who should have been in the service of Wolfgang Petritsch (Petric). Our somewhat threatening them with spoke: “Mr. Hashim Thaci not dare to sign the agreement for fear of revenge of the KLA commanders, who are influenc- You and Mr. Sabri Kiçmari … “I irritova and you answer:” KLA commanders are not thugs, they respect representation Kosovo Delegation. Mr. Thaqi covers them secondment of Mr Arnaud Danjean, intelligence officer of the French military, who at all times is holding Mr. Thaci under control “. Opened eyes and one of them said: “Do suffers from conspiracy theory …”

The penultimate day of the conference had the opportunity to greet Mr. Joschka Fischer, the German Foreign Minister, during the exit from the press conference. I spoke, by introducing the name and surname, his party members and a Kosovo Albanian. Severely reprimanded me why there are nënshkruanim deal, just dig: “Do I think we do not have trust, but you?Why not sign up? ”

I told him Hashim not allow French military secret service, which he has placed on his head a superior. He expressed surprise, saying:

“It was the hurry to agree with the French !?” I said that he alone commands are Hashimi service for refusal, otherwise the whole delegation is to be signed.

World infamous summit, held in June 1999 in Cologne, Germany, under the auspices of the German government, fell to meet Mr. Arnavud Danjean. At the summit, unfortunately, the Germans returned to Kosovo Russians in decision making.

With a phone call to ensure the hotel for Hashimi, who was coming to the summit. Hotel just to call them “Maritim”. I told the prime minister should suite for Kosovo. Without hesitation they told me the room number and told to go to the top formalities.

It turned out that the hotel had rented the German government to the states prime ministers. But there was also decided Chancellor Schröder. Hotel staff really believe that Kosovo was prime minister, so as easily with assigned number of rooms.

When Hashimi came on running with Bilal Sherif, we had a little problem at the airport of Cologne / Bonn. The banned Hashimi. Foreign Ministry called. They intervened. The allowed to enter.

When Hashimi with Bilal went to the room to leave your cabin, I stopped to wait in the lobby. When suddenly just appeared Mr. Arnavud Danjean. He came to me: “Mr. Kelmendi, Hashimi came? “I did not know. I asked who it was. Just introduced is friend of Hashim …

We sat down. I explained that I knew as a noun and as a French officer … laughed. He said that Hashimi had told a lot about me and that respect too, the similar agent tricks.

I asked where he met for the first time Hashimi. He replied in the German course in Zurich. I replied, not with reproaches, as only a French military course does not go from Paris to Zurich …

Our conversation escalated into contention. Hashimi revealed in those moments. He found arguing. Came to me: “Boss, you need not worry, I only best friend …” I replied, “I explained, Hashim Thaqi Brojës military associate with French military intelligence. This work has smoke out the weather! “I told her that once the business card Arnaud had given me. What came good. Ma asked to see him. I did not give, because I knew that it would not back me.

Maybe at the end of 1999 or in the first half of 2000, the Bench of Mr Baedhyl Mahmud Grand Hotel is an argument with Mr Arnaud Danjean. I moved to pray. Bardhyli it explodes and therefore are cursed. Fussy misunderstood it as commitment to Arnaudit blackmailers, to alienating the party was leading Bardhyli to surrender Hashim …

And he came plot by PPDK and forming undone PDK.

And now I can not clarified the dilemma, if the Serbian services had contacted Arnaudin with Hashim !? Another possibility should not have then.

Then and now, he is filoserb French military service, despite the French policy that covers them services operations …

State resembles corporation, which has a board of director. When the director or chairman of the board sign contracts with other corporations, all employees challenged, no water. The contract for the pair is the law (since the Roman Law)! The President and Prime Minister of the state, when sign the contract, even if not undone entire population wander …

Risks should the Republic of Kosovo, have at the same time President and the Prime Minister puppets … !?

Pralamentar investigative commission should investigate the “society” of Hashim Frenchman Arnaud …


• 01/11/1994 – in September 1998 as a member of the French military secret service (Direction Générale de la Sécurité Exterieur / DGSF), Arnaud led the team to monitor the conflict in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina (as camouflage espionage teams powerful states ).
• September 1998 appointed chief of staff (agents) to “crisis” in Kosovo. In this capacity engage in the Rambouillet Conference to “advise” Hashim Thaqi (head of the Kosovo delegation).
• In the years 2000-2002 served as an adviser to the office of Director General of external security, Jean-Claude Cousseran.
• In the years 2002 – 2005 is committed to service in Geneva, in representation of the Permanent France to the United Nations.
• From May 2004 to February 2005 committed in Kosovo in the service of High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy (CFSP) Joint Javier Solana. That mission led a diplomat Spanish, tasked to coordinate European policies and diplomatic actions between Serbian and Kosovo Albanian.
• February 2005 – March 2007 engaged in the cabinet of French Foreign Minister Michel Barnier, as an adviser on issues Balkan. Continued this responsibility to his successor, Philippe Douste-Blazy.
• From March 2007 begins public political career (as politicians by intelligence placed in powerful states) and reaches even the Parliamentary Assembly of the EU.

Taken from the official portal of Mr. Arnaud Danjean:

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