This year marks the most difficult situation in the energy sector in Kosovo. On the one hand it is intended to implement the agreement with Serbia Energy, are certified as damage from the privatisation of KEDS, and finally the authorities are no serious even manipulative taking political decisions to build new energy capacities subject interests and gaining a private company as Contour Global.

For this reason, following the criticism and proposals for exit from this crisis Movement SELF-DETERMINATION! He held a table where they presented opportunities for the reconstruction of Kosovo A and preventing a deal from particularly harmful for Kosovo as it with Contour Global.

Attitudes and Self-Determination in the table presented the Nagip Visar and Ymer Krasniqi. They stressed that the first is very reasonable and necessary reference calendar that we have in terms of power generation in Kosovo to begin work on reconstruction of Kosovo A. It will provide us the necessary power generation in a very long shorter. Secondly, it will allow us to better design we placed no conditions of urgency for the construction of new energy capacities. Ymer Krasniqi presented the details of the case that the issue of Kosovo by this situation which compared with that proposed by the Government is efficient and above all unscathed. Hamdi Malushaj, said that the energy sector is sabotaged by governments, by constantly in this situation who has brought us.

Deputy Mayor of Pristina, Dardan Sejdiu, said that this contract is a double blow for Kosovo: first, the cost and the price at which they are entering MED for construction of new capacities; and the second to import maintenance energy market. Hamdi Malushaj said that the energy sector is undermined by governments constantly, until this situation that has led. Yili Rugova said that the idea for the reconstruction of Kosovo A, with its own means, it is a very good step, since raised concerns that this agreement MED with Contour Global can turn into a AXOS second. Rinora Gojani by KOSID said among other things that the Government lacks a strategy for energy and consequently did not make proper analysis as to know the needs , consumer demand, and which sectors should develop, but went directly into such an agreement for 500 MWh.

Dajana Berisha KOSID, said around 7,000 displaced citizens were forced in 2004 to make way for mining new, and they have not made ​​solution Government.

Deputy Besnik Bislimi said construction of Kosova e Re is illogical and the reconstruction of Kosovo A is viable option, therefore are projects that cannot be compared.

Sedje Halimi of Civic Initiatives Environmental Protection said that the reconstruction of Kosovo A is faster, more reasonable, because we are 16 years late various projects waiting for a thermo-power plant. Selim Thaçi the IMF said that the study would be much better if we analysed the issue of debt, and to analyse projects of the Government will be able to break away so that the reallocated money in the energy sector.

Avni Kurshumliu was It said it is unfair that a private company to use all existing infrastructure, and finally back to claim that it would cost twice, than it would cost to rebuild Kosovo A.

Nexhat Kryeziu said the Government inter alia has been very transparent in this project, and in many cases be tried throw dust in the eyes citizens, as the issue of rate of return. in terms that are under threat of serious defects in Kosovo A, under the pressure of imported energy, under the pressure of favouritism without no serious reason for private companies will have neither serious nor favourable solution. After Mayor Ymeri told attendees that VETËVENDOSJE! will continue to oppose the protest that Kosovo not be added to another contract damaging as this with Contour Global.

February 4, 2016 VETËVENDOSJE! Committee on Energy and Committee for Trade Policy and Financial.


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