sources have indicated that the session for the election of the President of Kosovo will be held on Thursday. Monday will meet the Parliamentary Group of LDK where the course will be attended by Isa Mustafa, to convince them that they can not break the agreement with PDK Hashim Thaci to elect president.

So to heur all doubts that if any MP would not vote for president Thaci will have a slight collision last however within the Parliamentary Group of LDK. MPs will be required to support Thaci BESA without hesitation.

And finally the resistance to oppose the election of president Thaci is almost fainted at the LDK. MPs are very few or almost none to speak out against these Thaci, already suspected and accused publicly linked to many cases of organized crime, including threats that led to political killings.

scenario 1

To convince MPs of PDK them will be explained a ‘scenario’ whereby country expects a mess, place expecting facing supportive of Russia and that also Kosovo will jeopardize the friendship with the US.

So, that Kosovo is threatened with bloodshed and civil war, without indicating who actually can do it, even though the current violence and protests were supported and promoted a maximum of NIS Tabor PDK.

scenario 2

Another scenario is even more paradoxical that you sold stealthily LDK and MPs, is that there is no doomsday scenario in the Balkans. That can crack the Croatia-Serbia war in Bosnia. So the fight for territory, and that gjeoskenë, there must be head of state a man as Hashim Thaçi.

Imagine what intrigue.

So, if all the scenarios go through an identification of the fate of the US with Hashim Thaci. Is this possible.Nobody mentions Clinton, Bush or other more important personalities of the US, but only Hashim Thaci.



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