The prosecution implicated Fund 3% fee – will be issued for the investigation of three persons  

Transactions over half a million euros from the Fund of the Republic of Kosovo, known as 3% of the proceeds have been the subject of investigations of the Special Prosecutor of the Republic of Kosovo, learned online newspaper Insajderi.  

Special prosecutor, Halili Faik has launched investigations of organized crime with these transactions. The basis of the investigation is making a report of the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC), which was drafted during the investigation against Ilir Tolaj, Bujar Bukoshi and others in 2012. The inquiry report was submitted to the Special Prosecutor of the Republic of Kosovo, is published Friday Insajderi.

The document speaks for attracting over half a million euros from the Fund of Republic of Kosovo during 2006-2011.

The money was withdrawn from banks in Germany, Italy, Albania and Belgium, where the funds are deposited 3 percent.

Details of these funds, Fund show that the Republic of Kosovo-registered as NGOs has accounts in Germany, Italy, Albania and Belgium. 16 is about seven transactions, up to 50 thousand euro.

Chief State Prosecutor Alexander Lumezi confirmed to Insajderin launching investigations.

“I can confirm that the Prosecutor of the Special Prosecution of the Republic of Kosovo, in charge of this case has issued a decision to initiate an investigation against three persons,” said Lumezi.

State prosecutor did not talk about the details of the investigation on the grounds that it is in the initial stage, but no guarantee that by the end of this year will come the concrete results of the investigation.

Special Prosecution sources said earlier that an investigation was underway for the fund based on the statements of Musa Daka, head of the Democratic League of Kosovo in America. But this investigation was closed due to statute of limitation.

“All the abuses before 2004 are prescribed,” the source said.

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Bujar Bukoshi days ago admitted that such transactions are carried out, but did not clarify for what purposes. He said that all are made with the approval of the Board of the Union of the Republic of Kosovo Funds (UFORK), part of which was current Prime Minister Isa Mustafa.

Bukoshi has denied the request for access to documents of the fund on the grounds that this matter is now closed to. He said the money had been withdrawn by Naser Osmani, a member of the LDK and Atdhe Gashi, his former adviser.

Osman Gashi denied having had access to bank accounts abroad.

Prime Minister Isa Mustafa, a former minister in the government of Bukoshi in exile, remains silent on this issue.

The investigation report of FIC’s Financial dated March 27, 2012. Allegations relating to money laundering. The document is classified as “strict confidentiality”.

The analysis was conducted based on a request of the Office of the Special Prosecutor of 15 December 2011 and January 4, 2012. Inquiries relating to allegations of money laundering by Ilir Tola, Bujar Bukoshi and others.

FIC’s investigation says Bukoshi is authorized person for the account of the Republic of Kosovo Fund.

The Fund is a non-governmental organization registered in New-Ulm Fererale Republic of Germany. Founder and signatory of the statute were Bujar Bukoshi, Pjeter Coli, Isa Mustafa Shaban Bobaj, Muhamet Bicaj and Begi Mazelxhin.

The document reportedly investigating the perpetrators of these transactions by describing them said that transfers are intended to cover “monthly expenses” or “charges” for office.

But the investigation says it has not been possible to confirm.

“This assumption can not be confirmed by the description of the debit account. A large part of the funds regularly transferred to Union Fund for the Reconstruction of Kosovo (UFORK) *, reads the document.

“134.660 Euros through 26 transfers between 2006 and 2012 were spent 179.815 euro for the ‘costs’ of unspecified ever mentioning ‘office UFORK Regulation’,” reads the document./Insajderi.com

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