The plan hatched two years ago when Isa Mustafa did a deal with Hashim Thaçi, for Mustafa to become Prime Minister. In return Mustafa had to get his party LDK to vote for Thaci to be President. Yesterday their plan came to fruition and LDK voted Hashim Thaçi to become President, against the will of the people.

The US Ambassador was supporting this deal while EU Ambassadors were supporting the opposition and the will of the people of Kosovo. Now the demonstrations will continue against the government and the President who are well known for their corruption and are in it to line their own pockets and don’t give a damn about the country. The US Ambassador keeps telling Kosovo to stop the corruption, yet supports and protects the most corrupt.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tv-7UzxUYJY]

Today the Opposition announced:

The regime Thaçi-Mustafa continues the persecution of opposition. Yesterday, the forces of the Kosovo police inside the Assembly,  beat and dragged opposition MPs out of the assembly hall and arrested three of them. The deputies arrested today went on trial in court – the department of basic serious crime.
The prosecutor Merushe llugiqi has requested 30 days house arrest for Albanian Deputy Pantina, 30 days of house arrest for congressman Ismajl Kurteshi, as well as the measure for presentation to the police to the deputy Bali Muharremaj.

Judge Alltene Solomon posed these measures on MPs, according to the prosecutor’s request. The number of opposition MPs who are currently under detention of house arrest are fourteen.

This proves once again that the justice system is captured and operates according to directives received from the government. Opposition MPs are protecting the sovereignty of the Republic of Kosovo, within the Assembly of the Republic, and their actions are entirely legitimate to risk that Kosovo has brought normal functioning of government institutions Mustafa-Thaçi. Persecution of opposition MPs are typical of totalitarian regimes.

The nationwide protest movement will not stop until the cancellation of the agreements detrimental to the Republic of Kosovo, to remove this unconstitutional and oppressive government and to install a democratic legal order. Institutions will not normalize until new elections.
February 27th 2016


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