His political activity had begun as a member of a military grouping, but has long he intends to be remembered as a statesman.

Born on April 24, 1968 in Burojë of Skenderaj, Hashim Thaci studied history at the University of Pristina, where he had been part of student organizations, reports KTV.

After a failure of the Serbian police to arrest him in 1993, he flees to Switzerland, where a member of People’s Movement of Kosovo, an organization that founded the KLA.

In 1996, he registered at the University of Zurich to study history and political philosophy, these studies do not finished. for a year as a student, he had not given any examination.

Carsten Goehrke, a history professor who had Thaci student, remembers him as a very withdrawn and almost shy.

Meanwhile, Thaci returned several times illegally in Kosovo, and in 1997 participates in an action against the police station in Glogovac, for which Pristina District Court sentenced him to 10 years in prison in absentia.

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Curiously, in the same year, Thaci’s name is mentioned in connection with the murder of journalist Ali Uka in Tirana, this murder that has never been publicly revealing.

At that time, Thaci had been Uka roommate.

Known for his cunning, during the war, Hashim Thaçi will hold nicknamed “The Snake”.

But he became widely known to the public only when elected as the political representative of the UCK (KLA), by the General Staff in Tirana, Hashim Thaci will lead the Albanian delegation at the Rambouillet talks.

Here for the first time, open revels intolerance between him and Ibrahim Rugova, this rivalry that would last until the death of the latter.

Despite the skepticism shown by the UCK and some threats periodic checks not to sign anything that did not conform to the war of the UCK, Hashim Thaci co-signed the Paris Agreement of Rambouillet, the second point of which require storage sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

It failed when the agreement was rejected by the Serbian delegation, what then paved the way for military intervention of NATO.

Years later, many of the protagonists of the Rambouillet Conference, alleged that Thaci was convinced to sign the agreement when James Rubin had promised him that a friend of his in Hollywood, could write a movie script for the UCK.

After the war in Kosovo, Thaci led the process to disarm the KLA and its transformation into TMK.

In October 1999 he founded the Party for Democratic Progress of Kosovo, while the first party (2000), Thaci elected chairman of the Democratic Party of Kosovo, which continues to operate since then.

Hashim Thaçi was Prime Minister of the Provisional Government of Kosovo, March ’99 -s until January 2000, when he lost local elections.

A year later, the PDK led by Hashim Thaci lost in national elections.

The man who had been in charge of the UCK had no citizen can trust, what he was forced to work for 8 consecutive years, stood in opposition.

From this position, in 2005, Thaci formed and led the so-called Cabinet of Good Governance, or otherwise known as the Shadow Government.

While he was part of the Unity Team during talks in Vienna, for the election of Kosovo’s final status.

In many cases, directly or indirectly, Thaci’s name is mentioned in connection with the post-war political killings, including the assassination of Ibrahim Rugova failed in 2005.

Following Rugova’s death in January of 2006, the biggest political enemy of his Thaçi, will completely change the image of his approach.

He once had called Rugova as ineligible after his meeting with Milosevic, now expressing condolences to and bow down to his grave.

Many even believe that Thaci will not be able to win the election was never, like Ibrahim Rugova was still on the political scene.

Precisely launches major change Thaci: PDK lifted the eagle from its logo, to replace it with two fields of waving similar to the logo of the LDK.

In the parliamentary elections of 17 December 2007, PDK came first, and as the candidate of the coalition PDK – LDK, Hashim Thaci became prime minister for the first time.

From the start, bypassing the Assembly Rules, Thaçi shook coalition MPs to vote 100 laws of Ahtisaari’s package for 40 days without reading without debate.

In the second month of his term as prime minister, Thaci again violated the rules of Parliament, read a declaration of independence of Kosovo, although under this regulation, he was chairman of the Assembly that had to do this.

Along with then-President Fatmir Sejdiu, Thaci would accept the 6-point plan of Ban Ki-Moon, who brought the ongoing talks with Serbia.

These talks, originally kamufluan as technical, but even as such they brought to mosparagjykimin Kosovo status footnote, footnote it still is replacing the term Republic of Kosovo.

Coalition PDK – LDK crashed in what is known as the Night of Zanzibar, on November 19, 2009, but that the elections of 12 December 2010, PDK will reappear before and after a coalition with the AKR and a range of parties to small, Thaci became prime minister for the second time.

Using his political influence, Thaçi chose the top of the Constitutional Court, Enver Hasani, a man who used to translate.

The latter, entered Thaci work at least two occasions, when the decisions of the Constitutional Court, Minister ousted president’s chair his two partners, first Fatmir Sejdiu and Behgjet Pacolli then.

Being at the head of the executive power, although once the political director of a group of left it was the UCK, and although PDK was a member of the Socialist International, during his two terms as prime minister, Thaci mainly pursued the right policy.

Prime Minister Thaci, Kosovo had a budget built mainly from customs revenues, while the ratio between import and export was 1 8.

Prime Minister Thaci, 25 kg of gold stolen in the evidence room of the police in Peja.

Prime Minister Thaci, university education was criticized PWR ruin and extreme politicization tw tw UP, plagiarism and published works from 32 private universities where professors were very close political associate of Thaci.

Prime Minister Thaci, Kosovo Progress Report never took positive note: each year, the EU reiterated the need to fight corruption and crime.

Prime Minister Thaci, Kosovo was ranked in international relations as a gjysmëautoritar and super high corruption.
With premier Thaci, health scandals dominated by private clinics, among which Medicus clinic case of illegal trafficking of kidneys.

Prime Minister Thaci, the CEO was forced to resign from its demand to put cameras in polling stations, which was followed by massive vote fraud.

Prime Minister Thaci, Kosovo paid 6 million Israeli company Saatchi & Saatchi, for a spot that turned out to be copied.

Thaci Prime Minister, the entire distribution of KEK was sold for only 26 million.

Thaci Prime Minister, signed an agreement without price for the national highway, which proved to be the most expensive motorways in Europe.

Prime Minister Thaci, Pristina Airport was awarded the concession for 20 years to only 100 million euros.

Prime Minister Thaci, in Kosovo was applied neoliberal privatization type as was done in African and Latin American countries: outcome of privatization was that factories and enterprises were sold but the investment did not come.

Prime Minister Thaci, who had led the process of privatization, Dino Asanaj, said that he committed suicide with 12 stabs.

Prime Minister Thaci, began the first wave of migration that brought tragedy in the Tisza River.

Prime Minister Thaci, Mitrovica remains divided, despite the action of the Kosovo Police in the north on July 25, 2011, police were forced to fall back, losing member Enver Zymberaj.

Prime Minister Thaci, the transformation of KSF military was postponed by one year to another to avoid becoming yet.

Prime Minister Thaci, Kosovo was an isolated country without visa liberalization.
With premier Thaci, Kosovo’s economy was underdeveloped and like to project, Bulgaria’s Bansko Plan.

Prime Minister Thaci, 40% of Kosovars lived unemployed and 40% of Kosovars lived in poverty.

Prime Minister Thaci, Kosovo came with population halved registration failed.

Prime Minister Thaci, Kosovo Police executed political orders to all those who dared to show their dissatisfaction.

Prime Minister Thaci, only in 2011, he was refused 27 requests to meet with statesmen of Europe.

Prime Minister Thaci, Kosovo uninterrupted talks with Serbia, without conditions, without the punishment of war crimes, without turning the missing, no war reparations, no pension fund and no archaeological artefacts.

Within a few years, changed so much in an interview with Euronews, Thaci said that he had been away from the war fronts, denying his past UCK which was filed with the policy.

As prime minister he talked with Serbian leaders during Dacic and Vucic, once associates of Milosevic and Seselj, among which he negoicioi agreement on Association of Serb Municipalities.

That had governed Thaci, it was better understood after some telephone interceptions flow Police where so completely irresponsible for a prime minister, he heard while talking to a mafia in Italian style, which does not recognize the language.

Prime Minister Thaci, Kosovo became the world’s top media news Dick Marty’s allegations, according to which Thaci led a criminal group that smuggled organs of Serbs in what is known as “yellow house”.

Hashim Thaci promised to sue Dick Marty, but he never did this.

Thaci did nothing to remove the burden of the UCK organ trafficking allegations, which led to the Special Court.

After voting SPECIALES failure in June, Thaci tightened his MPs to vote the same amendments on August 3 2015 s.

After that, Hashim Thaci addressed once the UCK had boasted at the UN Special Court to investigate alleged crimes of the UCK.
With Foreign Minister Thaci, Kosovo remained isolated without visa liberalization.

Foreign Minister Thaci, Kosovo failed to join the UNESCO.

Foreign Minister Thaci, Kosovo recognition Stopped in 111 countries.

Thaci Foreign Minister, he signed the agreement on demarcation with Montenegro, which could leave Kosovo in 9000 hectares of land less.

18 years after his entry into politics, Hashim Thaci claims that his career to continue as President of the Republic of Kosovo.

source Koha in Albanian

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