Kosovo’s political deadlock is not seen recently. Exacerbating has been especially brutal thirst for power even Hashim Thaci. This has made the task of the tasks; election at any cost and at any price to the post of President of Kosovo. And to achieve this goal is not choosing tools. Even if it is clearly determined to burn down the country to sit in that chair anyway.

It is not the first time I brush makes this Kosovo.

Hashim Thaci’s political portrait is complex and above all dark. Few Albanians who have the courage, but also the precise knowledge of the circumstances and factors that brought it in Kosovo’s political scene.

I am standing casually on two basic factors:

a. Zvetnimi National Movement of Kosovo in the late nineties, the absolute dominance of karaxhozve in its key institutions, primarily in the government of the time;

b. Since 1912, when the Albanian lands were divided, Albania’s political elites have not been able to imagine that the National Movement of Kosovo have a leader personality that can come in any form beyond the control of Tirana.

In this line, from within the Albanian controlled by security within the National Movement (illegal) Kosovo (LPK), was proposed, now, ShIK Albanian Hashim Thaci. Others are known. So it comes to a person who emerged from the springboard of a secret service. Hashim Thaçi time without any discomfort, will pass from a springboard to another and thanks to them will survive will easily dominate and during turbulent political scene of Kosovo.

But that is another topic. I will stop to what is essential; the mentality and political practices Hashim Thaci and his supporters, which can be summarised in a single sentence: the struggle for the freedom of Kosovo to return, above all, the struggle for armchairs, money and power.

There are many, but the only mention key facts.

At a time when Kosovo is scorched in the flames of war and its people is seriously threatened with annihilation, Hashim Thaçi took time in order to deal with those who think differently.

On 11 June 1998, Behajdin Allaqi, whip LCP, political prisoner and intellectual known, together with some members of the General Staff of the KLA, was removed from the local headquarters of Drenoc. Of the same members ‘General Staff’ they have been arrested and held in prison in Klecka. Five months later, in a November 1998 through communication no. 61, the same headquarters, informed the public that Allaçi and 20 others “were killed in clashes with the enemy …”

In fact he had been brutally killed those he considered friends and comrades; They had been killed for the sole fault to impose sectarian and ideological concept of war. Reliable sources say that his murder was directly down Hashim Thaci.

After the war, his murderers, declared Allaçin Behajdin Martyr of the nation.

In September 1998, a group of activists of various entities, including three women (Nekibe Kelmendi, Edita Tahiri and Sanije Hyseni) went in Drenica involved in the flames of war to see the situation on the ground and especially the position of the heavy the displaced population.

Cirez school they are arrested by Hashim Thaci of Sabit Geci and cruelly treated by them. Torture, even in shuplakimin women participated actively Hashim Thaci. For this inhuman conduct detailed evidence in writing and orally (recordings), the victims, which they-they have submitted them with their hand and international institutions. Among other things there described how one of these activists, Hashim Thaçi and Geci were also forced to swallow his stool.

At the league of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, on the one hand, and institutional karaxhozët, on the other hand, most who later it will become a friend to head, they tried to incite fratricidal war in Kosovo and Albania.

For this purpose, on September 21, 1998, was killed in Tirana, Ahmet Krasniqi, Minister of Defence of the Republic of Kosovo. He was murdered by order of the so-called Political Director of KLA. Thaci C ° killed Ahmet Krasniqi after he had given generously around ten millions of marks; The military killed only because he was known, patriot and an honest man. He had no political ambitions but great will and desire of the Albanians to become together and liberate Kosovo.

According to official data, in the postwar period, 1999 – 2002, killed over 1500 citizens of Kosovo, majority of them Albanians. Some serious resources (KFOR especially) most people attribute these killings to Hashim Thaci, to organized SQUADRONS the G2-sold and NIS.

On August 24, 1999, late at night, returning from Switzerland to Kosovo, Shmri village, district of Kukes, while in convoy with hundreds of other cars were executed Ibrahim Recep Nikçi brothers; Mehmet Sylë boys of Nikci, a man known everywhere in Kosovo, a man who fought with arms in hand to liberate Kosovo and had suffered 12 years in prisons in Yugoslavia, mainly in Goli Otok, one of the most punitive famëkqia globe.

Ibrahim Nikçi has been a political prisoner and activist of the Movement for independence inexorable. He was killed because of disagreements he had with any member of the so-called political director, who lived in the region of Zurich.

On May 8, 2000, was killed in front of his house in Prizren, one of the famous military KLA, Ekrem Rexha, known as Commander Drini.

He was killed after previously received a public threat, sites Kosovapresit, led by a member-killer NIS.

For Ekrem Rexha was killed along with several other military establishment was the conclusion of a political party, the liberal center of Kosovo. According to some reliable sources, the murder was in revenge and that “war wing ‘not partitioned in different subjects … but PDK remain subject to not only, at least the main …

On July 23, 2000 traitorously was kidnapped at his home in Istok, the lawyer Shaban Manaj activities, personality of one of the main strongholds of the LDK. Two weeks later his body was found carbonized …

Reliable sources confirm that the cruel murder of his hand a direct family of Hashim Thaci.

On November 23, 2000, at his apartment he became Pristina, Mustafa was executed Xhemajl, outstanding personality of the LDK, renowned journalist and poet. He died after he published an analysis of posambajtura elections, which had lost PDK.

On January 17, 2002, around 20, in the hallway of the building where he lived, in a pit, in darkness, he was killed Smajl Hajdaraj, a member of the LDK, the Kosovo Assembly, an engineer by profession, an eminent and wartime commander the KLA Rugova Highlands …

The list is long, too long, but here I just mentioned the most typical cases of the most representative when the victims were guilty only because they loved the spirit and thought unlike Kosovo’s Hashim ° C.


Immediately after the liberation of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi and his companions, using the post-war anarchy and lack of institutions has taken control of all municipalities, customs and public enterprises. They have treated the property of Kosovo’s Serbian kusarisht. Ani several years formally in opposition, but as a public enterprise and any object or state is not managed or privatized without the permission of the people Thaci.

Therefore, Kosovo continues to be catastrophic economic situation. As the 90s, the aparth’heidit not a hopeless reigned as currently prevailing in Kosovo.

Do you remember the famous dialogue ‘Pronto’, the chief of chiefs asking his boss as he turned art and full of joy: SUPER ?!

Precisely those days from stations across Kosovo buses depart every evening with dozens of buses full of men, women and children of Kosovo that borders mësyenin them fleeing as from the Serbian government …

On the other side of Thaci’s clan and his allies circulated circulating billions of euros were robbed brutally citizens of Kosovo.

17 years after the war, Kosovo migrants and not only them, even though cars with western recordings as shtrungë pay hefty taxes Kosovo insurance agencies to enter Kosovo.

With the dome of insurance agencies brother Hashim Thaci manages.


After liberation, Hashim Thaci was the key figure in Kosovo’s political chess. He had all the opportunities to create a consensus on the fundamental issues of the country; independence, and international attitude towards negotiations with Serbia. He did the opposite. Thuggish behavior towards rivals, especially against Ibrahim Rugova, created conditions that, firstly, North Kosovo be separated easily. Whenever Ibrahim Rugova has gone with Thaci in international meetings, the latter does not leave the case without sitting next to him, not to exchange or korodinuar any action but to shtazarakisht violated under the table leg up in bloodshed … This it is not propaganda but a certainty, that testifies to the primitive character contender for president.

Hashim Thaci because of the actions mentioned consecutive lost some elections, and therefore sabotaged continuously declaration of independence, he wanted at all costs that he and only he is the reader of the historical Declaration.

Meanwhile, on the international stage strengthened position of Serbia in Kosovo while they were weakened, especially after the events of March 2004, when Albanians in a week from victims all over the world knew what went on murderous tyrant …

There are irrefutable arguments that these events were organized by shtetrrënuese Serbian services, but in which people actively participated Hashim Thaci, for those who were only taking udhëhqinin crowds, which kill people and the burning cults.

It became Thaci came to power, imposing the internationals as the only force that can preserve but also to disturb security in the country …

Morocco Thaci theorists to disguise this act shtetrrënues, invented the theory that these events were organized to prove the impossibility of coexistence between Serbia and the Albanians, as if there was sufficient and emptying the Kosovo war, but needed and events like these …

This movement brought shtetrrënuese ruling PDK but the Ahtisaari plan, which outlined the territory of the Serb municipalities in Kosovo … and later brought about the creation of the Serbian entity in Kosovo, through “dialogue” in Brussels.

In this way Serbia arrijti what will not arrive never federalization of Kosovo and create the conditions for sharing it at the first opportunity once created favorable international circumstances …


Thaci’s dominance results in the political scene and its governance practices are catastrophic. He, like no other, has criminalized political class, administration, police, education and health …

Nobody like Hashim Thaci, has not spat over Kosovo encyclopedic idealism; patriot in his view should be robber, liridashësi tuxhar, idealist villain, murderer politician, MP runt Minister bandit or stupid .., pest religion, ideals shopping, talented nitwit, intektuali worm and political prisoner lyftyrë …

Nowhere in the world such as in Kosovo are not plagued vital institutions such as health, education and administration. Away every generalization, in the eyes of the dominant Hashim Thaci, has turned the media into prostitutes, butchers doctors, professors at extortionist, while officers, prosecutors, judges and police officers to offenders.

For this reason therefore, he can not ever elected president by MPs of any party feeling the obligation to sacrifice Adem Jashari, determination and vision Sali Ceku and Agim Ramadani with friends …

Article 84 of the Constitution states: The President is head of state and represents the unity of the people of the Republic of Kosovo.

Hashim Thaci and nothing ever represented the unity of the people of Kosovo.

Finally, the Minister can be elected President of Kosovo, and this only for a cause; because Kosovo is crumbling from evil and its wicked people. And finally elected or elected Would Not one thing is quite certain: Hashim Thaçi was never there and never would never be a statesman. For the simple reason that consistently engaged, he acted and ruled as a cub.

I entered politics such and such will come out of it.


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