• The weapon with which the officer allegedly killing a Lithuanian EULEX, Audrius Senavicius in 2013 near Zvecan, allegedly used the same 17 years in the case of murder of the young Serbs in Peja Panda cafeteria. Tesheshi.com convey information about a confidential source from the European mission in Kosovo, EULEX.

But according to the source, so far has no information how the successes reached that rifle which has been in the hands of Serbian secret service (BIA), enter the north of Kosovo and used for the murder of a customs officer at a place called Balaban of Zvecan municipality.

Tesheshi.com portal in question, whether it is for the same rifle or similar weapon model, the source explained that “by fingerprints, we can not identify the person and based on the firing pin can not identify the gun” .

“On the basis of expertise, it’s the same gun that killed six young Serb Peja; and if this weapon allegedly used in the murder of a customs officer of EULEX in northern Kosovo in 2013, “the source said.

Its already up by tesheshi.com portal resources, in connection with the murder of Lithuanian customs official, EULEX police interviewed as suspects four Serbs from northern Kosovo from the Kolasin.

They allegedly were directly connected to the murder of a customs officer, but who have rejected the accusations.

EULEX, in order to clarify the murder of its customs officer, Audrius Senavicius, has put 30 thousand euro reward for any information that would lead to take to apprehend the perpetrators.

Audrius Senavicius, Lithuanian customs officer, was a victim of the September 19, 2013, who died after a shooting in one of two EULEX vehicles, who were walking along the road to the border crossing in Jarinje Leposavic G1.

Also in 2011, Kosovo police officer Enver Zymberi, be suffered by being shot by a group of Serbs with automatic weapons during the action of the Kosovo Police for taking control of border crossings with Serbia.

So far for these two murders, that of Kosovo police and EULEX customs officer, no one is condemned;although some sessions were conducted against several suspects for the murder of Enver Zymberi, who were subsequently acquitted and released.


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