13 March 2016 – Sunday 1:57

Shprendaj with others

VETËVENDOSJE! He held a press conference to denounce the economic damage and social caused by an affair in the field of health and where the main role is the former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Enver Hoxhaj, along with the brother of his wife, Ymer Shahin whom it possible to receive tender for the hardware device to the Health Information System in the Republic of Kosovo.Consequently for a long time our citizens do not even have health insurance or health information system. For these panelists Dardan Sejdiu of the Financial Policy Committee and Mirsad Wilderness, the Committee on Health.

Sejdiu said that institutional scandals and theft of Kosovo done for 16 years, is now affecting the social resources with the intention of enriching the rulers and their families.

In 2011, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Enver Hoxhaj at the time, had signed an agreement with Luxembourg for assistance in various projects. One of these projects is the Health Information System. This is necessary to build health insurance scheme. In 2012 it was opened the tender for the construction of a Health Information System for the purchase of hardware. The contract for this was signed by the Ministry of Health at the time, sponsor, donor, and the contractor.

Winning this tender is that here PRINTEC company representative Ymer Shahini, who is the brother of the wife of Enver Hoxhaj. Shahini, although he had signed the contract which requires among other international ratification, in office for business registration in Kosovo (BRAK), Shahini party does not appear at all, which is a violation. It is not registered as a company representative PRINTEC.

This agreement, signed in October 2012, for implementation for 36 months and foresees that for 12 months brought equipment, and for 34 months to secure this contract for maintenance of these devices HIS. Today, four years later, we come to a situation where the contractor is paid 1 million euros out of a total of 1.5 million euros as is the total value of the contract. Ymer Shahini who received 1 million euros, was set up by Interpol and FBI search for multimillion fraud at international level. For this international pursuit person exists since 2015.

In 2015, this system should be in place, but we are in 2016, when paid 1 million euro and a single word we have not even by the ministry or by the prosecution, which has launched an investigation and are as it has suspended them.

Today there are conflicts within the consortium and the cessation of work in 2014. The case is in court. Mr. Shkelzen Ibrahimi prosecutor in the case is the investigation continues not to PRINTEC-ut director who is a guest in ARBK. Meanwhile, the contract provides that if there are delays in performance, then provided compensation of 0.1 per cent of the contract value on a daily basis, it should be charged to those who give service or supplies hardware Republic of Kosovo Health Information System .

Dr. Shkreta said Mirsad also disturbing is the fact that not react as the actors who were signatories to the agreement; former Minister of Health, Ferid Agani and permanent secretary Gani Shabani never have warned that the project is facing problems, but their statements have been according to the statements’ we are in the final phase of the project.

The same declaration is doing and current Minister Imet Rahman, who also directed questions at meetings of Parliamentary Committees has not presented ever this problem.

Accusations between the coalition partners in the field of health, it is nothing but competition between groups which of them get more from the management of public money. “Such an approach ultimately prevents the functioning of health for system health information is a precondition for obtaining a list of essential drugs both adequate in terms of both quantity and in quality, preparation of guidelines for health personnel and start the application of health insurance,” he said Dr. Deserted.

Finally he said, “is concerned with reacting to the judiciary for a serious problem of national character so knowing that the case has more than a year prosecutor. As it is known the same are very efficient against activists of VETËVENDOSJE whether old cases for 2009 if those that occurred in 2016 “. This kind of mentality of impunity and violation of law held by the offender to those that are already constitution Thaci and Mustafa. This is one more reason that on March 26 to all patients, their families, physicians, trainees and citizens come to end this government. 

Committee on Health


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