Interviews today at the gazeta “Shekulli”:
Mr Abbas, before you tell us about your banishment from Kosovo police can you briefly tell us when your activation has started the movement after self-determination, outlook in Albania there isn’t much information about you, and for for Vetevendosje policy in Kosovo General?

I’ve been a part of civil society in Tirana, I worked for a few organisations in Albania, and as I’ve been teaching at the university, after I came back from my studies in the US. From studying and from my readings from activism during university in the United States, as well as from years of activism in Albania, where I worked and even in some of the poorest areas of Albania, I formed my own beliefs about politics. Essential in these notions are the principles of equality, sovereignty and co-operation among nations of people. How perspective, I have been and remain highly critical of neoliberalism policy, which I think has caused the seizure and destruction wherever it is applied.

These thought of principles found in large measure in the movement of Vetëvendosje! and I’m starting to care for her and to have contacts and productions since 2006. In the year 2010 that this movement has decided to participate in the elections. At that time, they asked for help from anyone who wanted to co-operate as a volunteer for the election campaign. We were a group of volunteers who went to Kosovo to help for the 2010. Election.

Later, he was the invitation of movement that some of us to help you in the way more systematic. So, from 2010, I had to come visit more often, as the activist movement and as a member of its structures. From 2011 until 2014 I was the coordinator secretariats. From 2015 I am a member of the leadership of the movement, as secretary for foreign relations.Vetëvendosje in the movement’s leadership council and its overall, besides the Albanians of Kosovo, and Albanians from Albania, Macedonia, from the valley valley etc. I appreciate the ideas activity-political movement, equality among all peoples, anti-colonialism, self-determination, of solidarity, developmental state. So I am activist.

After deportation from Kosovo you are expressed that police has never had any arrest warrant. How was the arrest, and what is the truth in all of this history according to you?

The day Wednesday, around 13;15, I have been approached by three police officers wearing civilian clothes, at a bar near the headquarters of the movement, where I was talking to a co-worker. The cops were not wearing uniforms and did not present an arrest warrant, even though I asked him in the first place. They told me they would give me a warrant at the police station, but it didn’t happen not even there. I consider this as an act of kidnapping.

At the police station they have printed out a deportation order from Kosovo. There have written false accusations. They did not give me the opportunity to get in touch with a lawyer (violating international conventions), The did not give me the opportunity to get in touch with the Embassy of the Republic of Albania. I didn’t even have the opportunity to go home to get clothes with you. But I’ve been brought directly into the border with rsh sessions. Today the police of the Republic of Kosovo has officially declared that the allegations of criminal acts that are counted in that order, they were “technical error the stealthy”. But they insist I must be expelled from Kosovo. I am committed to implementing the ideals on which Kosovo is straightened out, as well as engage each other activist movement.

Since August 2015, authoritarian regime that is installed in Kosovo has arrested 348 activists of the movement. Decisions and such practices are acts of a police state. Servility of the corrupt governing Kosovo, has led them to the service of Serbia in Kosovo wrenching agreement that, in order to preserve their power

– What should I do Albanian state, according to you, because you said that you expect a response from the Minister Bushati?

The Albanian State has a duty to care for every citizen of its own, anywhere in the world. In The Democratic World, it is unacceptable that a citizen of a country to be deported from another country, only because of the beliefs and its political commitments that are in accordance with the principles and expressed in the charter of OKB-së.

I think Albania would have reacted if this would happen in any other place. But closeness between Albania and Kosovo should not be reason to close their eyes to abuses against authoritarianism deportations, or against arbitrary, as happened to me.

A few years ago, last chance of a citizen to Albania to deport for political reasons, has been that of a journalist from Greece. This was scandalous case, and Until the European Parliament reacted. It’s normal to think about my case, too, will react and justice will be required. Between Kosovo and Albania there should be no borders, let alone deportations.

-Vetëvendosje (even though the united opposition) has for almost a year has made titanic efforts to stem the operation of PDK-LDK coalition, which according to you is harmful for Kosovo has not succeeded. Thaci was voted President, the two parties continue to govern. Can we say that your fight has resulted not successful and what will be your next card to topple the coalition?

Thaci was voted president with the third vote, taking on the first ballot a very small number of votes, adding 21 votes in the last 30 minutes, which according to the question, he bought them. Purchased the posts and turn us to the middle ages. All developed European countries are showing us how it can’t be bought votes, it can’t be purchased posts. So, it’s not a question of strategy. Of course, those that have been stealing for years, they have the purchasing power can buy a lot. But our battle, our strategy, and it has nothing to do with just the post, but with the dramatic transformation of power, in order for the state to be more democratic.

I think we are very close to success now that Kosovo citizens are raised in wide popular protests and created a broader front resistance that includes civil society. Do not forget that this government of the dictatorship of numbers, is holding power only with police violence, arrests, mock trials and deportations, but they will not have long.
“Shekulli”, March 18, 2016


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