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One of two brothers Mustafa prime minister sought asylum in two European Union countries: France and Germany. Both countries have denied his request. Ragip Mustafa had migrated with the tide of refugees to health reasons. Require heart surgery. He had sought asylum at a time when Prime Minister Mustafa visited Germany. Then Prime Minister had expressed empathy for the wave of migration. He said that those who are leaving have iPhone, before the good wages.

Ragip Mustafa was awaiting a response from the German state if they accept asylum in the Federal Guard when Berlin was lined up to honor his brother, who is prime minister.

Travel brothers Mustafa in June last year was contemporary, but realized in other ways.

Ragip had illegally entered Germany with the tide of refugees, while Isa was visiting Berlin for the first time as Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo.

Host Angela Merkel had made clear that Isa Mustafa Kosovo asylum seekers have no chance for asylum in Germany.

“Kosovan asylum seekers in Germany have no chance for asylum, because only about 1.1% of them have received a positive response so far. To the Prime Minister have agreed to support the more development of Kosovo so that their problems be solved in Kosovo and people are not forced to flee to other countries, “he said Merkel.

It touched directly brother Mustafa, who was seeking asylum Ragip for health reasons. I had heart surgery.

Azilkekuesi was forced after a few days to leave Germany after the authorities had rejected his application. He had to return to France, the country that had originally requested asylum.

Prime Minister Mustafa, during the meeting with Merkel, pledged good conditions for all citizens.

“Kosovo is a safe place and we will solve our problems, in order to create the best possible conditions for all citizens,” he said.

However, conditions have not improved since then. Especially health system.

Neither the governors nor the previous government led by Isa Mustafa, since December 2014, did not make the move towards improving the health system.The biggest criticisms addressed to government mismanagement of the largest public hospital in the country, the University Clinical Center of Kosovo.

This hospital does not have the capacity to treat serious diseases and patients are recommended for treatment abroad. The Ministry of Health is consistently criticized for mismanagement of funds for treatment abroad. The amount of the fund does not cover the needs of the sick heart, cancer and other diseases.

Patients with severe disease continue to require financial support from the citizens of good will since the state does not offer the opportunity for treatment abroad.

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Ragip Mustafa journey

Prime Minister Isa Mustafa’s brother last year has migrated illegally enter Serbia via Hungary, the first country of the EU. He had gone to France. He had sought asylum because of health problems.

French state had rejected the request.

He had then gone to Germany. Even the German state has refused the request because the rules of the European Union, as a member state’s request for asylum refused, it applies to all other states.

Germany had said that he had to return to France.

Insajderi has provided Mustafa application for asylum in Germany. It provides multiple data to, for the time entered in the German state, the way it did, etc. It is specified that in Hungary, as the first country of the EU, had come from Serbia.

Mustafa (1958), the application for asylum made in the state of Rheinland Pfalz in Germany on June 22, 2015.

The document noted that the asylum application of the same in 2014 applied for asylum in France.


Sources from the asylum center have shown that Ragip Mustafa Insajderit had shown that the brother of the Prime Minister.

Insajderi has learned that due to health condition, Ragip Mustafa was lying in hospital Charité in Berlin. He had stayed two days.

After treatment, he had to return to France was the first country where he had sought asylum.

“We have not seen. Just disappeared. Said that it was transferred to France, “said the sources.

Prime Minister of Kosovo, Isa Mustafa, has refused to comment on the application for asylum to his brother. Prime Minister’s Office for more than three weeks did not respond to questions Insajderit.

But government sources have said that the decision not answering Prime Minister Mustafa has taken since daughter Ragip Mustafa has denied that her father had sought asylum in Germany.

She told the prime minister that her father, Ragip, was only to Hungary.

Insajderi could not speak with Ragip Mustafa because of his state of health. He has already returned to Kosovo.

Isa Mustafa was put on the thumb of criticism at the time of the wave of refugees due to his statement. He said that asylum seekers have iPhone, Samsung expensive.

“I’ve seen quite fit to go to the bus station. I do not know what is happening with these immigration. People fleeing have iPhone have money and have good wages. ”

With this influx of refugees had left the prime minister’s brother, Ragip. Despite the efforts, Ragip Mustafa could not have operated abroad as did his brother, prime minister.

In 2010, Mustafa was operated in a modern hospital in Belgium. Bypass had decided some.


Mustafa was then mayor of Pristina and chairman of the Democratic League of Kosovo. /

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