Opposition: We have no other homeland, have only Kosovo

Unlike other times, mobilising opposition meeting today started with a documentary which presented the electoral promises of the Prime Minister Isa Mustafa President-elect Hashim Thaci. They are featured in the film, as he calls the opposition, power failures during past mandates.

There are dismissing all their promises for 200 thousand jobs. It was also published speech Kadri Veseli, which said that security will not come never in the Assembly and the speech of Prime Minister Isa Mustafa, where he said he will not go to Brussels to negotiate with Serbia, but the documentary was He submitted his visit to Brussels as prime minister.

The meeting began with an artistic point prepared by Cun Lajqi actor, who expressed readiness to protect the land of Kosovo. Ramadan began Istrefi from speeches imply, who expressed his concerns that have been displaced Albanians from northern Mitrovica to proceed with Gërdocin Anita, a student at Pristina University, who spoke on the condition of youth in the country. Later, speeches continued opposition party leaders, who urged people to sit ma part in the protest.

President of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo, Ramush Haradinaj said that for several months are facing people who have violated the Constitution, the state borders and have turned Kosovo into an unsafe.

He said the government has turned Kosovo into the butt of theft and crime and, according to him, their fear to save themselves, they are spending Kosovo.

Haradinaj, Kosovo has become the butt of theft and crime

“Isa Mustafa Hashim Thaci of Kosovo have become the butt of theft and crime. But they are very cunning, have managed to deceive the people of Kosovo and friends. The citizens of the country have left no job, no salary, no income. They have left without pensions, without health insurance fode also indebted in loans. But so it goes. Thanks to our united opposition as citizen opposition to say who they are today, every corner of Kosovo have heard who that is, faith and friends have heard. No he does not believe now that these two from their fear to save ourselves, are the lavish towards Kosovo … These two people are in love with Marren turned their Kosovo, but Kosovo can not bear this take. This country has had in the past the situation of people worse than these days but pack light, “said Haradinaj.

Further Haradinaj said that Kosovo is stronger than their fear and that its borders are intact.

President of INITIATIVE – s for Kosovo, Fatmir Limaj said that these people have failed the citizens who voted. He said all feel betrayed by this regime must therefore unite regardless of political party until the removal of the regime, as he calls it, unconstitutional.

Limaj further said that the opposition is steadfast and that they are more united than ever before to overthrow the government, since the opposition has no other homeland, but have Kosovo.

Limaj: We have no other homeland, our homeland is Kosova

“Everyone regardless of party affiliation and political have come to a sound, all are disappointed, disillusioned and betrayed by the regime, and if the tests show a thing, then there is only one way to t ‘was released this unconstitutional regime. All unite regardless of region and party political persuasion, until we see that Kosovo is a republic in danger, everyone should unite to remove this unconstitutional regime. We as an opposition united nor are faltering as we will not waver, we are the co ed than ever to remove this regime unconstitutional … They are testing our resolve, as we set our way, we show that we are as determined as we are right in our cause, we have no other homeland, our homeland is Kosova “, said Limaj.

The head of Vetevendosje, Visar Ymeri said Hashim Thaci, Mustafa Kadri Veseli triple crime and corruption, but its opposition would not accept bullying, slander, lies, thefts, and usurpation of this regime.

Ymer further said that Kosovo is still threatened by “Zajednica”, the demarcation, the police state dictatorship, according to him, is undermining democracy and equality in the country and state capture republic that is transforming the country hooligans.

Ymer Republic should be free from interference from Serbia

“Our reality is Republi has put at risk by many factors, but in practice it is collapsing republic of three people, Hashim Thaci, Mustafa Kadri Veseli. These squatters are placed on top of the dictatorship of hooligans were searching the state apparatus, the apparatus has been placed in the service of their interests through them in view of the interests of Serbia. But, importantly for the past seven months we are in resistance … will actively oppose the intensely until the regime of this policy-making be cast once and for all institutions of the republic, while the Republic of Kosovo to be fully independent and sovereign, free from interference of Serbia from apprehension Isa, Hashim and Kadri “said Ymer.

Ymeri mentioned the reaction of the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, who complained to the EU institutions – for rolling truck with goods from Serbia.


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