Puppet President who Fears his own people.
Puppet President who Fears his own people.

The inauguration was held without public attendance and amid tight security, with all the cafes and shops closed in the centre, to prevent unrest during the ceremony.

Prishtina was in shut down today for the inauguration of Hashim Thaci as President. The centre of Prishtina was totally closed to the public, while invited dignitaries were the only ones allowed to witness the farce of this inauguration. They cannot risk that Thaci is anywhere near the population that he is now the leader of.

Hashim Thaci elected President by his coalition party in an ‘I’ll scratch your back’ deal with Isa Mustafa, as part of the deal they made for Mustafa to become Prime Minister 2 years ago.

The inauguration, a fantasy staged event to show the world Kosovo’s new President, but it does not show the reality of the situation. Hashim Thaci is the most hated politician in Kosovo, known for his corruption and giving deals to his brothers, which are known as the Kosovo Mafia. They have the monopoly on border insurance and have become wealthy since Thaci became Prime Minister with contracts going to his own family. EULEX who are in Kosovo to spread ‘Rule of Law’, turn a blind eye to Thaci’s illegal activities. Even the Constitutional Court can no longer be taken seriously as they found no corruption in the way that Thaci was chosen as President.

Police cordon off the centre of Prishtina


The US don’t seem to have a problem with the fact that the President is not voted for by the people of Kosovo, even though they call for elections by the people, in Syria. Where there were elections in 2014, but the US seem to turn a blind eye to this fact and still insist on more elections. One rule for one country and one rule for another. The fact is that the US want Thaci as their puppet President and there is no way he would become president if the citizens of Kosovo were given the chance to vote.

Lëvizja VETËVENDOSJE! said today:

Hashim Thaçi is not and will never be president of the republic of Kosovo.
He was elected as a result of the blackmail and purchasing the deputies of the LDK and as a result of compromises against Serbian list of Serbia.
He was elected just after cancelled democracy, being pulled violently by the assembly and arresting opposition MPS.
His political career is crossed by two events: constant compromises against Serbia – violence, crime and corruption against his people.
So I’m not going to ever know him accept as president of our republic. I’m gonna reject constantly and without compromise. As hear today! 

Since Thaci and Mustafa took over the running of Kosovo, they have turned it into a Police State. Ordering the arrests of opposition politicians and mass deportations and strict border controls between Albania and Kosovo.

Kosovo is seen as the US success story and today they will be celebrating at the White House, as they now have their man int he top job, to do their bidding. The comparison is being made with Syria, as it is known as the failure of US take overs. The way the Presidents have been chosen, show just how distant the two countries are. Assad democratically voted by his people, with a huge turnout named a Dictator by the US. Thaci corruptly made a President with the help of the US called elected President.


A democratically elected President loved by his people.
A democratically elected President loved by his people.

A dark cloud now looms over Kosovo for the next five years, with no end to corruption in sight and the US and EU supporting the perpetrators of corruption. A police state that is deporting anyone who wants to stay in Kosovo and fight corruption and the EU preventing those who want to leave this corruption, from doing so.

A very sad day for Kosovo and democracy.



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