Joint statement of the personalities and the Albanian organisations in Sweden:
The election is the solution!
Considering the political crisis in the country after the signing of the agreement for the Serbian Association municipal demarcation and that to with Montenegro;

Considering the expression of more than 205.000 citizens of Kosovo against these agreements through petition;

Considering the constitutional court ruling that clarifies that the agreement for the axis has step 23 articles of the constitution of the Kosovo;

Considering the major protests Nationwide of the united opposition and civil society;

Considering that from August last year and so far have been arrested about 350 activists and opposition MPs;

We, the Albanian organisations in Sweden with action, journalists, professors, students, former prisoners and political activists, etc. Looking from the prime minister and the government of Kosovo to reveal the new elections in the country, in order to get out of this political crisis.

We consider that a free and democratic elections are the only solution to emerge from the crisis. not designating early elections risking increasing tension  to the country.

Our country has no time to waste. This kind of governance must end once and for all. Just last year, thousands of citizens of Kosovo released due to the severe economic conditions. Kosovo needs a new government, which all its potential and leads to economic development of the country and not in talks with Serbia.

The Signatories of the declaration of independence:

1. Alban Jashari, student in master’s studies at the university of malmös
2. Avdi Islam, chief of the local tv channel in växjö
3. Bajram Berisha, chairman of the association “Mother Teresa” in gislaved
4. Behar Topilla, the only survivor of the massacre of the old çikatovës
5. Loyal Gashi, businessman
6. Blerta Hoti (s), Political advisor eurodeputetëve socialdemokrat in the European Parliament
7. Spring Lake, a former soldier of kla
8. Durontine Ajeti, a student at the university of lund
9. Dukagjin Berisha, stomatolog
10. Edona Hoxha, a student at the university of malmös
11. Fadil Abraham (s), Member of youth leadership in dalarna socialdemokrate
12. Fadile Regjepi – Bexheti, professor of English language and politologe
13. Fort Uka, planning engineer for urbanisation
14. Ash Oseku, cripple the kla-Kosovo and former soldier of the kla in Macedonia
15. Joy Bekteshi, social worker, and political activist
16. Ilir Knight (s), Activist in socialdemokrate party in malmö
17. Islam Islam, head of economics at the växjö mkef association
18. John Zeqiraj (s), Chairman of the committee for real estate in the municipality of göteborgut and chairman of hisingen västra region
19. League of Albanian associations “Illyria” in Sweden
20. Of Freedom Latifi (s), Activists in the party socialdemokrate in malmö
21. Lutfi Zuta (MP), The party of the environment, the deputy leader of the region’s first öster malmö
22. Murat Koci, editor in chief of the cultural-Information Magazine “Besa”
23. Naim Dreshaj, EX-soldier kla
24. Naim Manxhuka, lawyer
25. Nuha Zullufi, teach language in Sweden
26. Prof. Dr. Şakir Shaqiri, former chief of the office of the kosovo for Scandinavia
27. The Center of self-determination movement! In Sweden
28. Rush Arifi, eye specialist
29. M. SC. Sabri Mehmeti, Secretary of the association “the future” in kristianstad
30. Shemsi Sopaj, chairman of the association “Alba” at lessebo
31. Woman’s association “Eleonora”, Malmö
32. Bird Salihu, a former soldier of kla
33. Albanian Oseku, writer
34. Congratulations Azemi, lawyer
35. Veton Çekaj, chairman of the association “the future” in kristianstad
36. Jafar Balaj, chairman of the association “freedom” in växjö
37. Astrit Gashi, journalist in Sweden
38. Camera Elezaj, political activist, an authorised translator
39. Dr. Ismail Golaj, Swedish language teacher
40. Ullmar Qvick, albanolog and translator
41. Samka Nimani Qvick, history teachers

VV April 12th 2016

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