Feuilleton exclusive soon in Journal online, SHQIPTARI.EU, who are leading political figures and organised crime in Kosovo. Portraits sites which as you know are still incomplete, based on factual data and historical.

What is Hashim Thaci true, that when he grew up in Brojë passed asylum in Switzerland and from Switzerland to the post of prime minister and president country.What were the challenges of his who were his friends, his business or education? As he made his fortune and his family marramendshëm, and what do sakrifkoi or admitted to climb the highest peaks of power and wealth? When you touched the tower of Thac?
Where is Azem Syla, once a teacher of chemistry, then exile in Switzerland, where not worked ever, and received letters of the patient psychological, commander styled ii shbit the self-proclaimed KLA, defense minister in the Provisional Government Thaci, to the commander of Caglavica and now resident indisputable forty.

Figure mysterious Kadri Veseli, from a guy druajshëm fascist, a man who today speaks as prime minister and president country, leaving Analyse offside Isa Mustafa, formal prime minister of Kosovo. What was his life as a refugee in Switzerland, ie; social opportunities, lifelong student of Agriculture, and a man with nothing in Pristina in a millionaire. Even for this are insurmountable ties with neighbouring intelligence services.
What was the path of Isa Mustafa, the minister asylum in Germany to the prime minister, as he lived in Germany Isa Mustafa, what standard and had life, what he and his family today? Although he eventually ç’orientoi LDK, it is derived from its tradition, why people party supporters known as rugovist have no place either in the party elite, nor involvement in government? How it enriched so easily and quickly?

Portrait of the unknown not too Bujar Bukoshi, comes to relations with President Rugova, scandalous affairs, and attempts to kill Rugova continued politically. His journey from the doctor to the post of prime minister, and party after FEEL-maker was, to destroy the LDK. You will also discover his role no less mysterious to war, and the Untold Story of the unknowns of 3%, before, during and after the war. Xhavit Haliti,figure gray and black PDK, and the stories are endless for. But how will weaken this and what fate awaits? The man who was identified early or discovered it was infiltrated the UDB? And to the involvement in the assassination, his collaboration with murderer and organized crime.

Accused by the services of NATO as the most powerful man of the underworld in the Balkans, is traveling to a fate unknown. Rexhep Selimi, a man troubled and poor, accused of betrayal of Adem Jashari, rumored for many situations and murder, turned-businessman hajnitë and usurpation of war, is a portrait full of other mysteries. Sulejman Selimi, an unlettered man, convicted of rape and other cases of war, made ambassador, diplomat, has not less unknown to the public should know.Fatmir Limaj, a law student before the war, turned-millionaire, accused in the Hague and ongoing corruption, will reach charges SPECIALES survive. I suspect his links with the killers and executioners (the killers) killers and organized crime is another portrait that you will explore. Since PDK is the club of thieves and criminals, portraits negative there is no end. Sami Lustaku , it is another figure than her, who did not even have eight years of schooling, working stallar and became a millionaire, despite përplitjeve now in the courts. Sabit Geci, is another portrait awesome, now in linen, shopping for Special escape, a market that is not yet closed. A man of a prisoner for murder and theft, turning in a terrible man. Feuilleton continues with other mediocre figures involved in organized crime and harm national interests. Newspapers SHQIPTARI.EU

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