Mobile companies in Albania, the silent killer

Nearly 493 wireless antennas are located in Tirana and 4000 nationwide, which are a serious risk to the health of citizens, because that emit electromagnetic radiation. Details about the number of them were taken by the Office of Radiation Protection, in replying to the request for information addressed by this institution

According to the letter no. 66, dated 21. 04. 2016 Office of Radiation Protection, there are 394 equipped with the approval of their act, while the rest are in the process of evaluation. Although Law No. 10 469, dated 13. 10. 2011 non-ionizing radiation protection, loads Radiation Protection Office for conducting inspections of non-ionizing installations that are in this case the antennas of cellular companies to rate if they conform parameters and norms; Radiation Protection Office, has stated that surveys in cooperation with international institutions, but does not have ZMR equipment for the realization of measurements in the field.

According ZMR’s, there is a regulation that properly placed antennas and what criteria companies must respect the distance, territory, etc. But that you left to themselves cellular companies to decide where they need.


ZMR our request to learn that the European model which are based on how they are set mobile telephone masts, claim that in some EU countries do not have regulated such radiation.

Also, the National Environment Agency, in its letter regarding cellular antennas states that made no study of the environmental impact of cellular antennas, as such a thing is not possible. But such an antenna, NEA had placed under her roof.

In addition, the Regulatory Council of the Territory of the Municipality of Tirana, in its decision of 2005, which at that time was led by Edi Rama, has allowed the deployment of these antennas on state facilities. This includes roofs of schools, hospitals etc.

In 2005 Albania had only two mobile phone operator, while today there are four that translates into a doubling of antennas; Operators are required to add more to their number, due to technological developments and the introduction of high-speed internet.


Not included in electromagnetic radiation only mobile towers, but also many others, which also mention the addition of these points WI-FI from different companies that are not covered in control.

For that matter there were also concerns from various citizens, where a case available from Korca, who addressed the Prime Minister for this problem, but received no response. The person with the initials OS then the Ombudsman is to get an answer about the case.

But this is not the only case. has learned that a group of residents in a neighborhood of Tirana, have collected thereafter firms have sent the Municipality of Tirana, which sought to leave such an antenna located above a palace, but still have not received any answer.

Asked by, Englantina Licanj, residents near the Student City in Tirana, shows that mobile companies have offered a total of 200 000 new first, and 20 000 new every month, if the latter will agree to put the antenna above her home.


But besides that, it says the promised electricity 24 hours. If you would break it, they will install a generator that would be put to work, but will also help in the legalization of the house, as there was such a thing. Her family has refused to put this antenna, because of fear that can lead to damages, but also problems with other residents of the neighborhood.

Different people in Tirana and Durres, asked by Lack claim to have such information to the antenna and the impact they may have on health. This according to them has come, such as antennas are placed on residential facilities without their permission and without any information from the mobile companies. They said they had heard about their riskiness, but have a more scientific information about what is spoken.

Although such a situation, with antennas on residential buildings, without a certain distance from each other, the media has lost its role of informing citizens, as one of the biggest advertisers of it, they are very mobile companies . By doing that this problem be handled quietly and not of saj.

5-2 Sami Curri



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