Nepotism has suffocated Kosovo

By: Avni Jashari

We witness now how long our country has stalled in many areas. Poverty and social as economic crisis is coming to our country is growing. These wounds unhealed since the war thus have an answer, it is nepotism which have installed our rulers after the war and which has thrived and still thrives where it has become like a festering cancer of this society.

Our rulers have not hesitated in key locations t`i decide their relatives, like brothers, cousins and uncles. The latter have had and comfort to appoint persons in those state companies, semi-privatised, privatised without any criteria and without any relevant experience in which is named eg. XY person from the “brothers” of the rulers.

The chaotic situation in which Kosovo gives an impression that more or less resembles the Italy of the 70, 80 and 90’s, where crime, corruption and mafia state are installed in all segments of life.

This situation which is deteriorating extremely frustrated students, doctors, teachers, pensioners, farmers, housewives, etc. who already are not getting the support of any political position as parliament where opposition to fight and work for their own narrow interests of party and clan.

If this continues, unfortunately civic revolt sooner or later there were inevitable and very painful. The international community and all the international community in general should know that the political elite of rulers who govern still governs the country has brought extreme misery in all segments of life in the country.

What are these people who are with nepotism, corruption, blackmail and all matrapazllëqet have done and are doing have set aside this society that would be able to be alongside most developed countries in Europe.

Eradication of nepotism should be the focus of all those who want to change this country for the better, here properly would do the assistance of the international community and the US, which helped invested Kosovo have credible institutions not ‘Vllaznillëk’ familiarity degrading the country and stealing public money.

All this must have an end, the end is not far off now because everyone is tired of excessive fatigue which manifests itself with ‘Rage’.


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