Mramori – Florenti Florenta

On the 23rd June in the Kolovicë suburb of Prishtina a serious tragedy struck when two children of the same family drowned in an open hole in a private property. They are  Mramori – Florenti Florenta 13 years old and 11 years old.

The owner of this land, Selman Berisha, in an interview with the Telegraph said that has made a request to the Municipality of Pristina to close the pit. But, he said, “Municipal Inspectorate has ignored”.


Berisha said that this pit was opened at the time was chairman of Prishtina LDK leader and current Prime Minister of Kosovo, Isa Mustafa.

“Three years ago the road was constructed near my land, a half kilometer long. Tender of these works has been the company ABC. Since my land was like a hill, they made a two-meter high wall that no demolition “, he told the Telegraph.

According to him, the land can no longer exploit, as were left in 28 meters height from the road.

“This country did not need that. But since the company said that they need soil, with the permission of the Municipal Inspectorate – three years ago – I left to dig, to become more flat land that can be planted something. I signed this contract, “continues the story of the land owner.


Agreement with “Europa Partners” land use for the removal of stony material and minutes of stoppage Inspectorate stating the works since without permission from municipal authorities is the change of the configuration of hilly land flat land

He said that work continued another company, Benita Company, when the leadership of the Municipality takes Ahmeti Self-Determination Movement.

“They have made arrangements with cousin and a cousin of mine, who do this as a part downwards and to close the holes. But the inspectors came to the police to stop the work.I told you that this is my property, they told me: ‘Yes, you have the property however only up to 20 centimeters below ground, the rest is state. I was told to go to the Inspectorate, where he went. I explained the situation, showing that my 13-year-old girl nearly drowned in a pit with water, but that is alive thanks to the cousin who has escaped, “said Berisha.

Pit that is closed

According to him, that pit have ended his prayer, but says it is not taken seriously regulation of land, what other open pits where Florentina and Florent Mramori drown.

“That’s when I went to the municipality closed. I prayed to raze the site. But they said: ‘It is the time of Isa Mustafa. The company stopped to work, saying: ‘Who goes there immediately seized assets. Although again showed the danger, ignored me. Therefore, I warned that if anything happens I do not take responsibility, “he says.

From that moment, Berisha said that there was no land.

“I care not to allow the children to enter it, but it was impossible to do frequent checks,” he said. “The land used by others. Whom he has loved the earth, they have received without asking. Even hunted rubbish, bricks and stones there. Since 2014 the works were interrupted, I have been able to do anything there, but a high perimeter wall of fear that someone might slip and fall down. Yesterday I met a Municipal inspector, who said: “How you lying old man, thou shalt not high construction for arable land. I said that if a network, let them see my account how much money I have. I have only one cow to feed the family. Eh, if I talk with Shpend Ahmeti, surely this work would end. ”


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