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Sources MIT, intelligence Turk is known that the so-called rebellion military, mentioned the ongoing military coup in Turkey, was the scenario for power so boundless and in order to expand its beyond state borders.
in essence, the goal of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, according to the data of its Turkish intelligence service, go in two directions. Creating limitless power within the state, turning himself into absolute of authority, with the power of a sultan, he destroys whole secular order in general, and European order that had established creator of modern Turkey, Ataturk Kemajl Albanian. Also in the infighting that has declared war on traditional Islam – Hanafi, and is doing selafizmin religion-state, as a radical faith, intolerant, and aimed at introducing sharia as the legal and constitutional order. It was once the way inhumanity of beheadings of soldiers captured without any trial.

And, in foreign policy, already in itself revealed as caliph, Erdogan aims to establish the caliphate, but Salafi, declaring its centre in Istanbul, and put part of it, whole countries from Asia, Africa and to the Balkans, similar maps that declared ISIS, which now seems open there or survives thanks to support Turkey.

Our sources from the intelligence Turkish MIT, suggest that what happened in Turkey was the scenario Erdogan army to strike the headquarters of the intelligence Turkish and thus causing division among institutional to deploy his men the besuehëm and thus increase the power and control in the country, also the suspension of US warplanes to hit ISIS was part of the scenario Erdogan.

In the ruins of the Roman and Byzantine empires bore the Ottoman empire, the great city of Constantinople, that transformed the Istanbul Turkish label. Whereas, now Erdogan is aiming to raise him emperor, but targeted more inhumane, risking open bloody war, from ecila the biggest loser will pack Turkey.

Erdogan opened were cleans the army of the dominant element European in is actually Albanian, say sources within the Turkish intelligence, and even intends that all they replace them with the element Mongolian, Asian, of its origin.

The hero that made modern Turkey is Ataturk, a kind of Skanderbeg, but in defense of Turkey its non-combatant. While the figure of Ataturk continues to use as a mask, precisely to fight the system established by it, except in the military that was dominant in justice, also by Albanians and Albanian origin. This proves that Erdogan, not that there is a friend and brother to Albanians, but is the personification of politician who hates more than anyone else Albanians, who has declared war on the whole system.

Call him recently, that the coup Lord has made a gift, followed by extrajudicial killings, particularly public ones of soldiers beheaded testifies satanic spirit Erdogan, and how far it is genuine faith.

Albanian lands threat

East caliphate new neosman, according to sources of intelligence Turkish intends to participate in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia and Bosnia, with the transformed in a country which will create rivers of blood.

If this goal is realised by Erdogan, this will be our Albanian being created recently. And authorities in Kosovo and Albania have given real power trust Salafi and Wahhabi, acknowledging publicly the Prime Minister Edi Rama and President Hashim Thaci, who called brothers and accept subjugation, after Erdogan and senior officials of the Turkish state openly expressed for the return of Turkey in the Balkans, and in essence, it did not accept the Albanians, but as garbage Asian or continuation of waste Ottoman.

You remember that after accusations of Dick Marty against Thaci, Erdogan was the first made an appearance and took protecting Thaci, putting in lines of interests Turkish-Russian-Serbian.

So he seeks a caliphate superior, that except in the Balkans will be spread in Asia and Africa and that these projects is receiving Russian support.

With Russians have agreed that they decide to complete dominance in Orthodox countries in the Balkans, and Turkish domination in countries with dominant Muslim population, Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Bosnia. According to MIT, it will be a bilateral agreement.
In the Balkans this is constituted two empires, the Russian-Orthodox and the Turkish- Islam.

Whereas, in the Arabian Gulf, and Saudi Arabia will be subject Erdoğan.
This is the battle, in which it has invested Erdogan years.
Erdoğan among Albanians, to erase from memory the myth of Skanderbeg, and are possible through faith and propaganda after 6 years, she returns to the hearts of Albanians.

The salvation of being Albanian was Skanderbeg. Will we have a new Skanderbeg or many more Balaban? It remains to be seen.
And the purpose of Erdogan is to assimilate Albanians in Turkish.

The Albanians have no blood relationship with the Turks, are white race and clean pellazgo Illyrian, so European. Predictions According to information MIT has many fighters ISIS in Turkey, and if the US does not deliver Gülen, then neither he will deliver America, ISIS terrorists. according to MIT’s information within the orders of Prime Minister Erdogan, will be proved execution the Fethullah Gülen. Erdogan has already made parallel between Gülen and Osama Bind Laden, and that he is playing the role of the States, and subject to the requirements chance to Erdogan.

He is using ISIS in Arabia to achieve his goals. ISIS is Erdogan’s project to use for certain purposes. From this he will try to finally get away from NATO, become full rapprochement with Russia, and Turkey to return to power through the caliphate. The victory of Erdogan, will also make the European culture and within it. The war in Syria, Libya and Iraq, will be forgotten versus what will happen in Turkey. One effect of this battle and the more violent Erdogan becomes, will be the creation of the state of Kurdistan, thus breaking up at least two new entities state of Turkey. Erdogan is in the position of Milosevic in 1989, the war if not the whole world, with half of its most powerful anyway. the case of Turkey is serving NATO recovery and re-powering its role in the world.

Source in Albanian

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