An Albanian double killer who posed as an innocent refugee to live in Britain for 18 years is set to be extradited.
avni metra

Avni Metra will face justice in his own country for the brutal murders of two brothers.

The former gangster faces 25 years’ jail after he was convicted by a court in Albania in his absence.

Metra, 53, battered one victim to death with a butt of a machine gun in April 1997.

Months later, he attacked the dead man’s brother, gouged out his eyes, sliced off his ears and shot him dead.

Posing as a Kosovan refugee, Abdul Mekra, he fled to Britain. He was granted asylum and given a British passport in the name of his alias.

After moving to Borehamwood, Herts, he was later joined by his wife and child. The couple had three more children before splitting up, Westminster magistrates court heard.

For almost 20 years, Metra lived in Britain on benefits, safely out of reach of the Albanian authorities.

He was finally arrested in June after his real identity was revealed by a newspaper. He will now be deported to Albania, where he will be re-tried for the murders. He denies any involvement in the killings.

Yesterday, District Judge Margaret Coleman rejected Metra’s plea to stay in the country on the grounds that extradition would violate his human rights. The killer claimed he will not get a fair trial in Albania – a breach of his rights under Article 6 of the European Convention of Human Rights.

He also argued that deportation will destroy his family life as enshrined under Article 8.

But the court heard he has had very little contact with his children after being convicted of beating their mother. He was also found guilty of breaching a restraining order that stopped him from contacting his estranged wife.

Judge Coleman said that Metra’s case will be sent to Home Secretary Amber Rudd. She is certain to rubber-stamp the extradition order unless Metra’s lawyers launch an appeal.


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