Khalid-K.-as-the-scrupulous-jihadist-1027x575Bezhan valance reporter spoke with a former ISIS recruit from Kaçaniku, who has confessed to his journey to Syria to join the terrorist group.

19-year-old from Kaçaniku in writing RL speaks named Adam, after his real name has not shown because of fear of arrest. He remembers the moments when he joined the group ISIS brutal.

“With a not very long beard, Adam, who asks me not to use his real name for fear of arrest, says he would never leave Kosovo. But two years ago, he found his own in the remote border between Turkey and Syria. A meeting place for foreigners who wanted to join ISIS “.

Once that was taken from ISIS in a Turkish village, he had expected to go to the war zone. Initially made the usual two-week military exercises in the Syrian city of Raqqa, before moving to the group of fighters, reports A few hours before moving to the limit, Adam decided to return home.

“I know that going to Syria had nothing to do with Islam,” says Adam, who according to REL’s constantly look back to check not revealed by the Kosovo authorities. Radio Free Europe, 19-year-old describes as any other young Kosovars, wearing denim shirt.

Kosovo’s government estimates that more than 300 Kosovo traveled to Syria to join ISIS in holy war. This makes Kosovo as the largest country in Europe that has contributed soldiers ISIS.

Kaçaniku in particular has earned a reputation as the capital of the Balkans jihadists. In the past three years, at least 24 kaçanikas have joined terrorist groups like ISIS or Al-Qaeda in Syria and Iraq.

Adam journey to radicalism began when he accepted an invitation on Facebook to participate in a lecture to an imam. He says he was “curious” about Islam. In five months, Ademi along with some other young people participated in lectures and Quranic classes in a nearby mosque

These lectures were organized by the Muslim Youth, an Islamic charity that operates in Kaçanik.Adam says that lectures in which he participated were very harsh and strict.

“They told us not to talk to women hand and not go to cafes and bars” – tells Adam.

19-year-old shows, lectures constantly concerned with jihad and conflicts in Syria and Iraq.

“My family does not practice religion,” says Adam, who lives with his parents and two sisters in a flat in Kaçanik. “Only I and grandfather” – he says.

Adam says that his family had realized that he was radicalized.

“They told me that if I want to practice religion, can do, can be forgiven, but not become radical”, – he says.

Lectures in which participated Ademi, given by Zeqirja Kazimi, an imam famous, who was sentenced to 10 years in prison on May 20 after he and six others were convicted for participation in foreign war and to recruit youth Kosovo in ISIS.

“Qazim Zakariya Imam comes from Gjilan” – says Adam. “He talked to us for us to jihad.”

Another product of the radicalization in Kaçanik is Muhaxheri Lavdrim, 25-year-old who fights in Syria. He has been described by the media as one of the main leaders of ISIS.

Last year published a video in which Muhaxheri seen cutting head of a Syrian teenager. While in another video he a missile kills another prisoner.

Adam does not want to talk much about the most notorious inhabitant of Kacanik, but says to have seen Muhaxheri praying in a mosque. Adam says he seemed normal.

Adam says he is learning Muhaxheri way for young Kaçaniku not have to go to Syria.

“I live a normal life again, I am very lucky” – says Adam journalist of Radio Free Europe. “Not everyone who err may find their way again” – says Ademi./REL/


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