Appointed director of Gjelbërt- cardboard girlfriend son Gani Thaci

Over 100 million have benefited from the insurance companies do not membership in the Green Card. Kosovo Insurance Bureau is constantly criticized for the length of the application process. Instead of commitment to this issue, leaders of this institution are the people mobilized to close nominations. Insajderi has revealed that two months ago, in June Gani Thaci was appointed the acting director of SAC. Meanwhile yesterday, Edona Ahmeti and Thaci Kushtrim girlfriend, son Gani Thaci, is appointed to the post of director for the Green Card.

The most important department within the Kosovo Insurance Bureau will lead a person known to Gani Thaci, the brother of President Hashim Thaci, has revealed Insajderi.

Gani Thaçi holds the office of executive director of SAC and Edona Ahmeti was appointed director of the department of the Green Card. Ahmeti is Kushtrim Thaci’s girlfriend, son Gani Thaci leads the SAC.

He was appointed to this post Thursday, August 11, by the Administrative Council of Kosovo Insurance Bureau.

Its responsibilities include the most important tasks of the most sensitive within the insurance industry.

Launch since the implementation of memorandums of understanding on border policies with countries of the region to the preparation of Kosovo for membership in the International Council of Bureaux, or green card device.

Hundreds of millions of euro have benefited insurance companies under the justification that Kosovo is not part of the Green Card.

From 2002 to 2015, collected about 130 millions of border security fees. These fees are collected mainly from migrants arriving in Kosovo, during the holidays.

The insurance industry has argued higher insurance rates because s’obligohen border to pay for possible damages because Kosovo is not part of the Green Card.

But the amount of damages is lower multiple. Only 10 million 300 thousand euros were paid as compensation for damages from insurance companies, based on data from the Central Bank.

Gani Thaçi: I am not aware of this appointment

Insajderi  contacted Gani Thaci, acting executive director of the Kosovo Insurance Bureau.

He was appointed to this office on June 24 this year. Thaçi said that it was not in the office and it is not aware that Edona Ahmeti was appointed director of the department of the Green Card.

“Since you and I agreed. I have been in office and do not know that it happened, “said Minister for Insajderin.

Ahmeti added that deserves this position because of the qualifications and performance there. According to him, her appointment can not be associated with anything other than professional values has appointed to this position.

“My son is neither engaged nor married. So, I do not have any official connection with (vj Department’s director for green card), “added the Minister.

Edona Ahmeti yesterday before being appointed to the post for six months had exercised this position.

On February 9 this year was appointed as the Acting Director ushtrueses of this department.

“Mrs. Ushtrueses office. Edona Ahmeti belong all drejtjat-privileges as other Departmental Directors also has the same responsibilities of the Director of the Department prior to the Green Card and the MOU. Ms. wages. Edona Ahmeti remains the same as it had in the position of Senior Officer Sector and Mou Green Card, “reads the decision of the Administrative Council of Kosovo Insurance Bureau, led by Rahim Pacolli.

Insajderi asked Kosovo Insurance Bureau for advancing Ahmad. He has not replied to two weeks.

Khan followed in this position Obërtincën Vlora. She publicly claimed that Kosovo could be part of the Green Card since 2011, through UNMIK. Obërtinca also declared that Kosovo can now become part of the Green Card applying through a third country, which will operate in behalf of Kosovo.

Kosovo Insurance Bureau has not moved forward in this direction.

Contracting firm friends son

Except in this case the employment and advancement in high managerial post, stretch the impact of this institution Gani Thaci observed in contracts with private companies.

Insajderi reported on 20 July that the company “Alt3c”, owned by friends son Gani Thaci-Kushtrimit- allegedly benefited thousands of euros from the Kosovo Insurance Bureau, contrary to the rules set by the institution.

The company is owned by Visar Amin, Mark Vuksan, Ilir rifle and Ardian Kelmendi.

Central Bank of Kosovo, which operates as a supervisor of the insurance industry, is familiar with the actions of the firm owned a gun and Kelmendi, close to Gani Thaci’s son, Kushtrim.

The company is committed to the development and maintenance of software system for implementation of the Bonus-Malus system.

The company receives 1 euro and 17 cents for each record to ensure that the bonus-malus system. It is estimated that insurance companies spend over 400 thousand euro a year for the implementation of this system.

But the administrative instruction for implementation of this system provides not collected funds for vehicle registration in the system of public and state owned.

The company “Alt3c”, has ignored this instruction and has collected tens of thousands of euros from the vehicle registration system to these categories.

The move, according to the Central Bank, is contrary to the rules in the insurance industry.

“CBK has informed that the company contracted for the system bonus-malus, has estimated provision for official vehicles state and the public, which according to” Guidance on the implementation of the system bonus-malus for legal entities “, approved by Assembly SAC general dated July 6, 2013, does not apply application of bonus-malus system, “said the Insajderin, Ardita Begu-information officer at the Central Bank. /

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