By Franziska Augstein

In the fall of 2015 the tear gas was the main argument in the Kosovo parliament. How it developed a culture of debate since then proves a sentence of President Hashim Thaci. Visitors from Germany on May 5 he explained: “The government and opposition are cooperating well,” After a day earlier, according to Thaci, MPs of all parties stood in the hall of parliament, when he spoke Federica Mogherini, High Representative of the EU of foreign policy and security.

That the EU can be enjoyed parliamentarians Kosovo, who want all the money from the West, can sit comfortably in a room, when the EU comes for a visit. Since the war against Serbia in 1999 the EU has subsidized Kosovo with five to six billion euro. The money has so far only managed to avoid, fortunately, of a civil war. To this effect Kosovars had neither time, they had plenty of work to avoid the money given as aid. For every case in Kosovo are still stationed KFOR NATO. This country, which in 2008 declared itself independent, de facto protectorate.

Given all this money that were burned, had a hope is not more than somewhat peaceful circumstances? Kosovo, this small, economically is inverted: What to: legal certainty and limitation of corruption. Unfortunately the EU has sabotaged democracy, which engages itself in Kosovo. Michael Roth, Minister of State in the German Foreign Ministry, a year ago drew up a report. There he points out that premature accession of Romania and Bulgaria has given a bitter lesson EU: two states were admitted without meeting even close to EU standards. A warning to all friends of social studies, the membership of these countries is ticking when large international firms follow the strategy “the bigger, the better”, regardless of the business logic. At the same time the EU Commission sidestepped political logic. Roth noted that in the case of Kosovo the EU will behave differently: the development of democracy and legal certainty are a priority, he said. But in practice the EU embraces people who expertise

English political called “strongmen” (mighty), starting from the president, who is blamed as a war criminal and trade with human organs and which is enriched with great zeal . Former US Ambassador Christopher Dell, who is part of the American company Bechtel, allegedly made fat with Thaci businesses. In 2011 it left the US EU Kosovo. Germany took the lead role. Hypocrisy is better than the economy booming.

Non-governmental organizations are subsidized, but willingly talk to people power. In 2014 elections were held. Neither of the two corrupt parties PDK and LDK won. LDK had previously allied with the party of protest: Self was chosen above all by young people, who have come to the nose PDK and LDK. LDK and VV had a majority to create a government. But PDK, Thaci’s party, refused to surrender power. And the German government thought it was a good idea to tie PDK-LDK coalition of ignoring the will of the voters. Since then walk a few things differently than before. German enterprises find it difficult to invest in Kosovo. Chinese and Turkish firms giving bribes is not a problem. / Süddeutsche Zeitung / – See more at: http://www.shekulli.com.al/m/post.php?id=477255#sthash.pEwNVx4Q.55azDCXD.dpuf

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