VETËVENDOSJE! invites all citizens of Kosovo and Albanians to join tomorrow’s protest in the square, “Skanderbeg”, Pristina. Albin Kurti MP and Secretary for Foreign Relations, Boiken Abbas called for protest, stating that we can not allow that to legitimise betrayal and crime.

Kurti called the agreement on the demarcation as personal Hashim Thaci agreement, Isa Mustafa, Kadri Veseli and Murat Meha. He cited a petition with over 205 thousand signatures and numerous ACTIVITIES contrary demarcation with Montenegro.

“Kosovo has no ground to pray, nor blood to override. In those 8200 hectares, we have our martyrs of the nation and have won the battle of liberation. We can not give up that part of the territory, which has the wealth of natural beauty that has strategic military quotas, but that the great weight of history and our future, “said deputy Albin Kurti.

Further, he added that the next battle is the battle of all citizens, because each have a responsibility and are responsible to stop treachery.

Kurti also spoke about the return of Boiken Abbas on Kosovo, which finally was confirmed in the General Council with the majority of votes as Secretary for External Relations, and who earlier, in March, was expelled from Kosovo unfairly by order power. It showed that since April, after more than 130 days, the court did not take any decision, so this issue is also legally acquired.

And in his speech, Abbas Boiken, called Kosovo-Albania border border situation, as well as arrests 6 activists yesterday called ndërmmara by government actions under the flap, and demanded their immediate release.

“I have never forgotten that Kosovo-Albania border is the border of Yugoslavia. This boundary that separates us unfairly, stays in the body of our nation as an open wound. But also we should not forget that the Albanians failed to keep separate dot as gjenociadale army of Yugoslavia and Serbia, and even less can keep us divided today clan ordinary criminals who captured the state of Kosovo, “said Abazi the beginning of his speech.

Abbas also said that protests on September 1 is historical, which said it has to be remembered and to be recorded in the history of the Albanian people as a day of betrayal, or as large curves towards the second liberation of Kosovo , release of those who have captured the state and the people oppressed and squeezed for 17 consecutive years.

In the end, Kurti and Abbas invited all Kosovo Albanians in the diaspora, in Albania and all Albanian territories, which tomorrow September 1, join in the historic protest in the street “Skanderbeg” in Pristina.


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