Double-headed eagle, the hearts of Albanians in Kosovo

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Albanian national flag, is prevalent even today the main streets and squares of cities in Kosovo, when it is opened 28 November, the National Flag Day.

This flag, which is the national flag of Albania continues to flutter as the events organised for this day, as well as tributes and commemorations in the participating heads of state himself Kosovo.

After declaring independence in 2008, Kosovo has its national flag.However, according to experts of behaviour and social developments, the Kosovo Albanians have not yet managed to create in the same way emotional connection with their flag state, as they have with the national flag.

Sociologist Shemsi Krasniqi, a professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of Pristina, speaking to Radio Free Europe, estimates that Kosovo Albanians are connected emotionally with the national flag, because it is symbol that identifies the Albanians, wherever living in the world.

“He (the national flag) is embedded in the mentality, culture and spirit of the Albanians and it was not expected that in a moment or a date certain is withdrawn. It has not even been and I think that neither is expected that, even as it is not reasonable to expect such a thing. ”

[Kosovo Feast Flag]Flag Kosovo Feast

History professor, Frasher Demaj by the Institute of History “Ali Hadri” in Pristina, told Radio Free Europe that the Albanian national flag dates from the Principality of Castriota, respectively, John Castriota and his son, Gjergj Kastriot Skanderbeg, since Albanian national hero known as the Middle Ages.

“Given that the state of Gjergj Kastriot, formed in 1444, included most of the territories inhabited by Albanians, the Albanians during the Renaissance Albanian take as symbolism to make unification of all Albanians from all countries ie villayets of time “.

“Therefore, it was decided that the flag of Skanderbeg to symbolise the flag of the Albanian people, or nation-state Albanian being built and launched conception view practically from the time of the League of Prizren, to be completed by November 28, 1912” Demaj said.

But, as some citizens see the national flag of Kosovo Albanians?

Besa says Caka marking National Flag Day in Kosovo is traditional and current generations have been linked emotionally to mark this day.

“We’ve all grown up with this flag. It’s not that we do not want the flag of Kosovo, because always love and respect. But the flag is ‘red and black’ that our parents have raised us to love this flag and of course always welcome 28 November. But I believe that will be friends for generations to come “.

Ali also expressed similar opinion Mahan.

“This flag is the Albanian nation. We have the state flag of Kosovo.There is nothing wrong, two states, two flags. But, for national issues, this flag is shed much blood and have given people the most precious thing, life. ”

Krasniqi says sociologist with red and black colors of the Albanian national flag, corresponding to the colors of costumes, which shows its integration into the culture and spirit of the nation as a whole.

According to him, the design of the flag of Kosovo, not including the Albanian national colors and symbols, because of the context in which it was found Kosovo at the time of its declaration of independence.

“To create a strong emotional connection, I think we should go still time. Stronger emotional connection creates its own state, functioning properly. If the holder of the highest positions of state or heads of state do not abuse, do not abuse the state for personal purposes, then love, not only to the country and state, but also to the flag grow “.

Demaj professor, considers it natural that Kosovo Albanians are spiritually connected with the national flag, but according to him, this is not meant to undermine in any way as the flag or the state of Kosovo.

“Basically, people feel Albanians and symbolism that unites all Albanians. So is red and black flag that unites all Albanians. Then, the flag state, I believe that Kosovars respect, respect for their citizenship. ”

Demaj professor, notes that spiritual connection of Kosovo Albanians is not waning either at the time of the previous regime, when Serbia has used violence against Albanians.

“They (Kosovo Albanians) have even hidden in the folds of their family members in dowry brides. But they maintain. They are not allowed to make their appearance on the occasion of national holidays, but they still have their holiday homes, and makeshift facilities, but always respecting the national flag, which is something sacred for all Albanians “.

On November 28, 104 years ago, Albania had declared its independence.

Flag with red background, on which stands the black double-headed eagle, was accepted by Albanians everywhere in the world, not only as a state flag of Albania, but today he is perceived as the main national symbol for Albanians wherever they are. (REL)


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