It was reported by Swiss outlet 20 minutes. The cantonal police in Thurgau also told Blick: “When the forces arrived, the head had been separated from the body.”

Apparently Fatmir T did not leave the head of his grandmother in the apartment either. The police spokesman confirmed that the head of the victim has since been found however. When asked where and when, the police spokesman did not want to disclose more about the case “for reasons of tactical importance”.

After the murder, Fatmir left his cell phone at a police station. This happened “wordlessly”, according to media spokesman Matthias Graf. A connection to the homicide had not yet been established at this time. Graf explained: “The emergency call did not arrive until ten minutes later. There was no reason to detain the person.”

One must also keep in mind that people regularly people leave items at police posts, said Graf. “That’s not unusual,” he added.

But there have been rumours that Fatmir T even recorded his vile act on video. “The data on the mobile phone is currently being evaluated,” said Graf, but he declined to give more details.

On Wednesday morning, the 19-year-old suspect was arrested in Kloten in the vicinity of ​​the airport. Whether he wanted to leave the country after the fact, is still unclear.

source Free West Media