Hashim Thaci, today had a joint meeting with the Chief Director for European Affairs at the US National Security Council, John Erath, Balkan Director of the US National Security Council, Brad Berkley, as well as with the Kosovo Negotiating Team, respectively Deputy Prime Ministers Behgjet Pacolli, Fatmir Limaj, Enver Hoxhaj, Dardan Gashi and PSD President Shpend Ahmeti.

In this meeting was discussed about the process of final dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia for the preparation of this process and the overcoming of current obstacles, including US advice on the necessity of temporarily suspending the tax and resuming the dialogue as well as for the increase of efforts to reach a comprehensive agreement.

The US is always asking Kosovo to give way to Serbia and stop the 100% tax on Serbia and have even threatened Kosovo if they don’t. For a country that doesn’t recognise Kosovo, they seem to recognise it when they want to sell Serbian goods.

Kosovo has been promised visa liberalisation for years now and has always had strings attached. Change the border with Montenegro and we will talk about visa liberalisation; never happened. Stop corruption and we will talk about visa liberalisation, which is an impossible task as the most corrupt man in Kosovo is the very man that the US made President and protects as their puppet. So in other words the US can promise all they want, but they always end up taking the Serbia side and Kosovo misses out.

There is only one reason that the US is so keen for these talks to happen and have their Puppet Thaci as part of it, is to get Serbia into the EU as soon as possible and away from Russian influence. The US is more keen for Serbia to join the EU, than Europe is. To get into the EU, Serbia has to recognise Kosovo, but they won’t do this, so these talks are way to negotiate and of course with Thaci they thought it would all go smoothly. That was until Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj put a 100% tax on Serbian products.

For years Serbs have threatened to poison the water and in fact Serbs are in prison for trying to poison the reservoir. Kosovars won’t drink bottled water imported from Serbia. Imported Serbian flour was tested in Italy and found to be not for human consumption. Then there was talk that food that was destined for Kosovo from Serbian factories, was made separately from that destined for anywhere else.

Now all supermarkets have flags on the shelves to show the country of origin for all food, which makes it much easier for customers to choose, as prior to this you could only see from reading the barcode numbers.

The Kosovars are behind the Prime Minister and the tax and hope he stands firm, but the US is sending in more delegations to get him to change his mind, even Donald Trump has weighed into the argument on behalf of Serbia.

It is always Kosovo that has to make concessions to Serbia, when all Serbia has to do is recognise Kosovo. There should be no more talks until that happens. Yet you never hear the US threatening Serbia, because they are treating them with kid gloves and don’t want to upset them.

It is always Kosovo that is expected to make the sacrifices and gets nothing in return.


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