Two American officials Kosovo visit, John Erath, Chief Issues Europe at the National Security Council at the White House, and William “Brad” Berkley, director for European Affairs of the same council, the Minister President Thaci and Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj, as well as some members of the Government Dialogue Team, spoke about the process of dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia, about the preparations for this process, as well as about the temporary suspension of taxes and the continuation of dialogue in an attempt to reaching a comprehensive agreement.

This is stated in the press release by the cabinet of Kosovo President Thaçi, after the conclusion of the meeting, which also states that the common conclusion was that part of the agreement should be mutual recognition between Kosovo and Serbia.

Otherwise, during this meeting is expressed the position that under no circumstances will Kosovo endanger the inter-state relations and special friendship of the United States of America (USA). The announcement also states that the present members of the dialogue team have expressed concern over Belgrade’s aggressive activity, but also the readiness to listen to US advice on tax suspension and the continuation of the dialogue in Brussels.

However, Shpend Ahmeti, one of the leaders of the Government Dialogue Team reacted to this announcement, pointing out that during the meeting with Erath and Berkley, compliance with the tax suspension was not met.

“The US position is clear. The reason for the tax is also clear. Now it is up to Kosovo to decide what is the strategic interest. Any action seen as personal victory and electoral victory will undermine Kosovo and its negotiating position,  “he said.

Upon reaching Pristina, two amateur officials yesterday talked with the mayor and prime minister of Kosovo, and the media claimed that this attempt had not been successful so that Prime Minister Haradinaj would release and at least for a certain period of time to suspend the decision on taxes on imports of products from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), in order to give the case to reaching the ultimate all-inclusive agreement with Serbia.

Prime Minister Haradinaj had earlier abandoned the Cabinet of Kosovo President where the talks were taking place but refused to answer the question of journalists about the content of the meeting with representatives of the US Department of State, especially about the possible withdrawal of the tax decision on the import of Serbian products . A little later, in his Facebook profile, he wrote that the Republic of Kosovo is committed to strengthening democracy and its institutions, that it is determined when it comes to free trade in the Western Balkans region and that it supports multiethnic society and eternal friendship with the US.

“Kosovo is ready for a legally binding agreement resulting in mutual recognition in the existing borders and Kosovo on 17 February 2008. It is also ready to take on the rights and obligations of NATO membership, the United Nations, the EU and other organizations international relations and good neighborly relations, “ Haradinaj wrote.

However, Haradinaj today stated that he would not withdraw the tax decision until Serbia had recognized Kosova.

 “Dialogue should continue to reach a comprehensive mandatory legal agreement in the existing borders, but which does not imply a republic of Milorad Dodik in Kosovo. The US request to suspend the tax naturally entice us, but there are two aspects. One is that the tax is seen as an obstacle to returning to dialogue and the other is helping to reach agreement faster. As long as the tariff is in force, time costs more to Serbia than Kosovo, “ said the prime minister.

Even President of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci, after meeting with US officials, in a press release stressed that Kosovo under no circumstances would endanger interstate and friendly relations with the United States of America.

“State institutions need to take concrete action quickly in accordance with US friendly councils. These decisions should be in the function of maintaining and strengthening strategic cooperation with the US and with our state commitment to dialogue and peace agreement, “ said President Thaçi.

Kosovar analysts point out even more this case confirms the difference between the mayor and the prime minister when it comes to withdrawing the tariff decision on Serbian and Bosnian products, leading to a new situation on Kosovo’s domestic political scene. This opinion is also prompted by the recent meeting of Mayor Thaci with Isa Mustafa, leader of the Democratic League of Kosovo, the largest opposition party, and a small number of them have even speculated that it is about Thaci’s attempt that in this opposition party to find a new partner for the coalition government, Kadri Veseli’s Democratic Party of Kosovo.

However, Democratic League of Kosovo spokesman Besian Mustafa told the newspaper Express that during the meeting, Speaker Thaçi informed Isa Mustafa on the visit of two US officials and their requests to the governing coalition.

In the news about Thaçi-Mustafa’s meeting, Social Democratic Initiative parliamentary group leader Bilal Sherifi, who said in his Facebook profile, said the explanation why this meeting was needed was also needed.

“I believe that the general public is curious to learn the reasons why Thaci should go to inform LDK chairman Isa Mustafa about the content of the meeting with US officials, given the fact that according to media reports, these officials will to meet with representatives of LDK! In the following days, it remains to be seen that what other than the “information” on the meeting was offered to Thaci Mustafa, “ Sherifi wrote.

Alliance for the Future of Kosovo, Bekë Berisha, for the online newspaper “Blic” did not rule out the possibility that Thaci and Mustafa talked about the eventual ruling coalition with the Democratic Party of Kosovo, but also expressed the view of where it would be a mistake, since the AAK’s commitment can not be denied.

“Isa Mustafa and Hashim Thaci are making a mistake with their games because we should not forget our potential and we should not forget who we are, although they can make deals for hidden coalitions, day or night without any problems, but should not be forgotten that we are alive and are trying to move forward, “ Berisha declared.

Kosovo analyst Ramush Tahiri has, however, rejected the possibility that Thaci and Mustafa could reach some secret arrangements.

“No secret deal can be made because it will be made public with time, but talks can be made outside the opioid’s eyes, but if done is okay because the goal is good, so to overcome the crisis we are facing , but for agreement should talk Kadri Veseli, but not Hashim Thaci, “ said Tahiri.

Otherwise, Democratic Party of Kosovo, Memli Krasniqi has stated that the tariff on import of Serbian products should be suspended due to the continuation of the dialogue with Serbia and that no one should endanger relations with the US.

 “Whoever risks relations with America is not why they have me in politics. I need to give up on politics. Anyone, Prime Minister, should not bring me the situation up there, “ Krasniqi told TV” Dukagjini “.

Justice Minister Aberald Tahiri is committed to suspending the 100 percent tariff on Serbian products and maintaining good relations with the United States.

 “I have voted for this tax myself, but now is the time to move to Plan B. That plan is the proposal of Mr. Kadri Veseli for suspending this tax “, said Tahiri.

Even Bekim Haxhiu, also from the Democratic Party of Kosovo, considers that Prime Minister Haradinaj will not allow relations with the US to be jeopardized and open the way for dialogue with Serbia from which Kosovo should not be afraid.

“We do not have to be afraid of the dialogue with Serbia, when our side are our partners, with whom we have achieved freedom and have won the winner. We need to end the open issues with Serbia. MPs in the Assembly are not to vote against the interest of Kosovo, “ concluded Bekim Haxhiu.

Kosovo analysts say the political parties of the position and the opposition are not available to hold early elections, and they consider that the creation of the technical government would not succeed either, a proposal that most political parties see with suspicion and solution the only rational is seen in the release of the prime minister who would suspend the tax decision.

KosovaLive – Violeta Oroshi Berishaj

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