M the invitation of Goran Rakić, leader of the Serb List, in northern Mitrovica was held protests of citizens due to yesterday’s action of the Kosovo Police. He said that this protest is held on the occasion of “brutal threats and attacks on the security of the Serb people” in northern Kosovo and because of the arrests of Serbs.

Addressing today gathered citizens in the center of northern Mitrovica, Rakić has stated that Kosovo Police has “terrorized” the people, “have hit, broken, destroyed, and shot allegedly to establish a certain order, satanizing the north so that easier to occupy and humiliate proud Serbs “.

“Such behavior is embarrassing, embarrassing for the Albanians, for the international community that promotes human rights and freedoms, and now without a word looks at the oppression and intimidation of a people,”said Rakić among others.

He has also ordered that citizens should not be spoiled for “double-cooked provocations cooked according to Western cuisine recipes”.

“And I want you to keep in mind, while we are in Kosovo and Metohija, this Serb will remain Serb, it will remain ours. For this reason we have to fight and we must remain in common and unique. Our homeland is always with us and always will be, “ Rakić has ordered.

Rakić has invited Kosovo Special Prosecution to release ordinary citizens who were arrested by police during the action.

“I understand that they caught police officers accused of something that was not the first time, but the citizens of Zubin Potok who were arrested are not guilty of anything except they have shot in front of the armed forces to the teeth.”

Otherwise, in the announcement by the Special Prosecution of Kosovo it is noted that during the action police had arrested ten citizens, members of different nationalities, for whom the police had arrest warrants for smuggling and seven citizens who had prevented the police from carrying out its tasks. It is also noted that in Zubin Potok was also arrested a Russian officer, UNMIK employee, who with his official vehicle attempted to hinder police movement and carrying out its duties. UNMIK Workshop has been released.

The police had executed the arrest operation in seven Kosovo municipalities, four in the north, mostly inhabited by Serbian population and south of the Ibër River, namely in Skenderaj, southern Mitrovica and Drenas.

As announced, in this case, 19 police officers, 11 Serb community members, 4 Albanians and 4 Bosniaks were arrested, who were suspected of being united in a criminal group and who, besides misusing their official duty, had committed a criminal offense of coercion, bribery and smuggling and other crimes related to organized crime.

Justice Minister Abelard Tahiri, who closely followed the action of the police, said among other things that the citizens had provided information on the persons involved in these criminal groups.

 “I can say with full responsibility that the citizens of the Serbian community, especially they have cooperated and provided information on the law enforcement agencies for persons who have been involved in these criminal groups and in the great development of smuggling,” said Tahiri, adding that the police action in Zubin Potok has been opposed by smugglers rather than ordinary citizens.

“This operation has been extremely important in the crackdown on these criminal groups. I am convinced that the citizens living in this part will be freer henceforth because these criminal groups have hampered their lives and hampered their businesses, “ Tahiri said.

Representatives of the ruling coalition and the opposition party have welcomed this action of the police, while the leader of the Vetevendosje Movement, Albin Kurti, considers that with this arrest action, we have nothing to do with sincere power goals in the fight against organized crime.

“Today was just a tense check to cover the regime’s scandals. None of the top 20 corrupt officials in our country do not believe they have been arrested today. Corruption and crime in Kosovo is the procurement and state licenses, prosecution and state judiciary, to the president of the state. Corruption and crime must be fought every day, but it is better to stop and prevent them by removing those who cultivate and add them every day, “Kurti wrote in his Facebook profile.

As a part of Serbian media broadcasts, Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić stated that KFOR has not shown that it is a status-neutral mission and that the assertions of this mission are not true that official Belgrade was informed about the action of the Kosovo Police , claiming that they had a conversation yesterday after 11 am, and that for the purposes of the Kosovo Police had learned through their information resources and then informed others.

“Let NATO do its job, and when it does not do it will do what it needs to do. As far as we are concerned, KFOR needs nothing to explain, just to reduce the frustration, “ Vučić said.

Otherwise, KFOR spokesman Colonel Vincenco Grasso stated that Serbian authorities were informed about the arrest war in northern Kosovo and that “there was no surprise”.

“The situation yesterday was under control and we have followed it constantly. We have had good information sharing and we have been in contact with Serbian authorities, all were informed in advance about the operations and it was no surprise, “ Grasso told Prva television, denouncing the statement by Serbian President Vučić, who said allegedly the Hungarian contingent of KFOR had tried to react but was prevented by the commander of these forces.

“At this moment, peace in Kosovo is mostly hampered by rhetoric, propaganda, provocations, and sometimes the false statements of politicians. I’m about 20 months old and there were no major incidents. The greatest threat to peace and stability is caused by the rhetoric that some leaders exploit and abuse, as well as the media that participate in it, “Grasso declared.

KosovaLive – Violeta Oroshi Berishaj

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